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Hello! You look nice today.

Have you read all 500 of my posts yet? WHAT? You haven't? That's weird.

There's a lot to see here and you may or may not have been severely disappointed by the most recent post. It happens. Stick with me, I have many personalities and you are sure to click with at least one of them!

I'm a little ADD all the time on this blog which can be confusing and/or awe-inspiring, depending on whether or not you have the attention span of a gnat. To facilitate less confusion, I have separated some of my favorite posts into categories. Then you can decide which side of my personality you most enjoy.

Being a Woman
An ode to PMS

Farm Life
Cautionary Tales of Sudden Death
Pardon Mah Regiolect

Poorly Drawn Cartoons
"Vacationing" with small children and medium sized dogs
How To Shop For Swimsuits
A How To Guide To Playdates

Stereotyping 101
This post
How Larry The Cable Guy made me feel all mushy
How to Leave the House with Children
Exercising with your children

My Things (as in, my children, not some stuff)
Thoughts from a Two Year Old

Wuv and Mawwiage
Who doesn't like a Vasectomy Story?
This post is not really about patio cushions
Why I buy my own gifts

Other Bullshit
Whoops, I Must Have Dialed 1986
It's Just Like Riding a Bike, unless you never learned how to ride a bike.
Prank Calls and Violently Green Suits
It's a Bird! It's a Plane!... no, it's just some twit in a cape.

I'm not always a jackass, sometimes I'm all serious and shit
My Beautiful Life: Thoughts of Gratitude
My Horses
My Grandmother
A story about my grandparents' house
A horse named Casper

My Memoir- I'm looking for a publisher so I can finish it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace, Love and Unicorns,

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