Everything you heard about me may or may not be true.

I like to laugh.

I like naps.

I like people..... as long as they are charming and funny.... and like to smile.... and compliment me.

I like shoes. And boots. And design. And horses. And change. It's an illness.

I'm pleasantly bitchy?

I'm a writer (in a New York Times Best Selling anthology), an illustrator, a photographer, a creative consultant, an Instagram-aholic and a shower singer. Every year I attempt to garden. Riding horses, walking, hiking, yoga and reading makes me feel Zen. I need to do more of all of those things.

Those of you who chose to
 pronounce my name "Joey"
are correct.

I'm a mother of two handsome little boys. I stay at home and raise them. Sometimes it makes me so joyful that I want to twirl through a meadow, singing and picking daisies. Other times it makes me want to assume the fetal position in the broom closet.

Thing 1 is my oldest. He is kind, funny and perceptive.  Sometimes he is sneaky (like when he sneaks into my bedroom and stands silently at the edge of the bed until I wake up with the uneasy feeling that I am being watched).  He has lofty aspirations of driving a trash truck ...being a worker...being an astronaut being a farmer when he grows up. He is my precious treasure.

He hit a branch with his face. It happens when you're a cowboy,

Thing 2 is my little guy.  He is gregarious, intense, willful and charming.  He freaking loves trains. It's a serious passion. His smile will melt your heart. He prefers my husband to me.  He wants to be just like his big brother when he grows up. He is my precious treasure.

Be still my heart.

I think that my kids are the best thing since... well, shoes.

I'm married to a handsome carpenter. He is the nicest and calmest man I know. He has skills.  He can build stuff (really awesome stuff, like houses).  He has altered every wall in our home. He thinks he is hilarious. He loves my cooking and tells me that on a regular basis, which shows his intelligence. He owned one CD when I met him.  One.  It was The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  Honestly, I'm shocked that it wasn't on 8 Track. He likes sushi and will take me to the theatre. He knows how to ride a horse, install plumbing pipes and shoot a gun. He doesn't know how to get his socks in the hamper. He really annoys me sometimes.  I love my husband. He has many names: Brock, Broccoli, the husband, Bow Chicka Now Now, B-Rock, Daddy (I don't call him this) and my favorite (or at least the most used) Brock... Brock.... Brock? BRAAAWWWWCK!

I will have you know that he reads everything
that I write about him and he still rubs my back,
pours me wine and makes me coffee.
One of the good ones....

I started this blog in October of 2010 for the purpose of having a creative outlet, as I refuse to sacrifice my expensive art supplies to the hands of my precious Things.  I hope it entertains you, makes you laugh, brightens your day and/or allows you to feel like you aren't alone in this crazy world.

Peace, Love and Unicorns,

P.S. This is not my professional page. This is where I write in my voice, which sometimes includes swearing. If that offends you, I'm fairly certain that you and I simply weren't meant for one another. Kisses! 

If you prefer to read my G-rated professional writing, which is mostly about horses, interesting people and interior design, please check out my website www.johikokjohnwagner.com

Thanks for stopping by!

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