Sunday, January 28, 2018


by Johi Kokjohn-Wagner

have you ever stopped - just stopped - and looked around
let the world stand still as you saw a sound

have ever just stopped to see with your ears
to listen to the wisdom of the trees - to know your own fears

have you ever just stood with your face to the sun 
your feet in the sand, connecting as one

have you ever looked out from your haze of great haste
to notice yourself - your thoughts - a life not to waste

have you ever quit thinking... and worrying... and fretting
to just feel with your heart, the majestic sun setting

have you ever looked down to the ground where you walk
to notice your feet near a perfectly heart shaped rock

have you ever just known that you are watched over
then noticed a hawk fly out of the clover

have you ever turned off your daily task list
to notice yourself clenched up in a fist

if you plan to move on, without worry and strife
please stop, look around, and notice your life

the signals are there, in nature, your friend
you are loved and watched over, and safe 'round each bend

but first you must see what you're being shown
and be open and thankful and willing to own

all the patterns you've made, within your own life
that are helpful or not, causing joy or great strife

if you are willing to notice, simply notice indeed
you are already heading down the path which you need

to notice more miracles, more helpers each day
to help grow more love, so that LOVE paves your way

so STOP for a moment.
notice what's being shown.
it's you.
you are loved.
we're all ONE.
you're never alone.

1 comment:

  1. ❤️lovely - welcome back!

    I only notice these things when I break down the walls, sort through the rubble and let myself fall.