Saturday, May 14, 2016

Witty, Relevant, and Wearable: T-Shirt Creature

Earlier this week I sat down with an exclusive Q and A with the Creature of T-Shirt Creature. In a Baba WaWa-esque interview, we delved into the world of inspired creativity, past and present lingo, altruism, and, of course, t-shirts. We laughed, we bonded, and we left full of witty quotes to throw at our friends during our next bowling night.

If you ever find yourself lacking relevance or sass, consider purchasing a t-shirt from The T-Shirt Creature; it is the fairy Godmother of popularity. One t-shirt can heal all your emotional wounds!*

*The T-Shirt Creature is not actually responsible for healing your emotional baggage.

Me: Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to sit down with me.

T-Shirt Creature: The pleasure is mine. Happy Mother's Day! What did your kids give you for Mother's Day?

Me: Thank you!They gave me some homemade cards, and the gift that keeps on giving: a sore throat, chest congestion, a low grade fever and a cough.

T-Shirt Creature: *scoots chair back a foot*

Me: So... why T-Shirts? Why now?

T-Shirt Creature: The Creature love to live 'in the moment' as much as it loves t-shirts. The Creature is self-described as "pretty t-shirty." Its shirts are meant to bring like minded people together. Staring at chests is a great ice breaker.

Me: Whaaaa?

T-Shirt Creature: Because you will be wearing a conversation starter in the form of a funny statement on the front of your shirt! What did you think was meant?

Me: Um... Er... Moving on... Tell me a bit about the inspiration behind your shirts.

T-Shirt Creature: The Creature loves entertaining quips that are very 'in the moment.' Most retailers are not able to capture the most current Zeitgeists and offer them so quickly to the people of Earth. The Creature has built its company around fast turn-around time with free shipping

Me: Free shipping, huh? I love free stuff.

T-Shirt Creature: Yes. The Creature's high-quality shirts all come with free shipping within the lower 48 states. 

Me: How are you capturing your 'in the moment' statements?

T-Shirt Creature: The Creature puts itself out there. It dances. It socializes. It joins every dating website possible and interacts with the peoples. It listens. It immerses itself in a variety of cultures and socio-economic groups so that it can really understand different people. Essentially, it drinks a lot outside of its home.

Me: Wow. That sounds like a full-time job! And I thought I had accomplished something when I finished watching every season of Gilmore girls. Are all of your t-shirt quotes 'in the moment'?

T-Shirt Creature: Most of them are current and even ahead of trend. Yet, The Creature does appreciate some vintage sayings, such as the 80's and early 90's classic "Be Kind.... Rewind", which is on one of its personal favorite shirts. It also think that catch phrases and popular words are often in fashion on a two or three-decade loop.

Me: Elaborate, please.

T-Shirt Creature: Certain words like 'radical' and 'awesome' are perfect examples of expressions that have come in an out of popularity throughout the years, sort of like platform shoes... or Hillary Clinton, 

Me: Truth. What else inspires you? Are there other ways you have access to such current adages?

T-Shirt Creature: The Creature is a strong believer in giving back. It likes helping people, which is why it has an option for customers to enter their own sayings for consideration. If their entry is accepted into its collection, those winners are rewarded with a $5 bonus, which they can claim or donate to one of six selected charities. It's winning for everyone!

Me: That's radical. You're an awesome creature. I see you used my "Namaste, Motherf*ckers" slogan. I'd like my $5 to go to Save the Children.

T-Shirt Creature: Got it. The Creature believes it is not only important to run a good business, but also to be a good steward of the community. It also likes to reward people for having a sense of humor. The world needs more humor.

Me: Agreed. What else should the good people of the Internet know about The T-Shirt Creature and your shirts?

T-Shirt Creature: The standard shirts offered are American-made Gildan, or folks can upgrade to American Apparel. The Creature personally has many shirts from both its suppliers in its own collection and has worn and washed them for many years. Both brands have proven to be great shirts. 

Me: Can people order custom made shirts for family reunions or recreational groups from the T-Shirt Creature?

T-Shirt Creature: Absolutely. The Creature is all about creativity and custom design. It allows about a 2-week turnaround for those orders.

Me: Where does one wear your shirts?

T-Shirt Creature: To the park, to the bank, under your work suit, to bed, to coming out parties, to your mother-in-law's house, in da club, to the beach, in your car, on the bus, on the couch, on a first/last date, while making friends, to a BBQ, with or without pants. Essentially, anywhere.

Me: How does one best accessorize your t-shirts?

T-Shirt Creature: The Creature likes to accessorize with a great attitude and a smile (complete with good oral hygiene.) 

Me: Thank you and Namaste, Creature. I'll see you on Tinder. Or Grinder?  No, I won't. More likely I'll see you at the grocery store. I'll be the one in the "stop whining and plot revenge" shirt.

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