Saturday, April 11, 2015

Talented Peeps!

We are all put on this Earth to do our best with this life- part of that process is discovering and nurturing our talents, another part is positively affecting other's lives, and yet another part is bringing joy to my world- obviously. I am very fortunate to know many gifted people who are slaying this whole "good people doing good work and leading good lives" thingy. Today I want to showcase two particularly special and talented peeps, Koda and Rachel, whom I'm blessed to call my friends. Feel free to spread the love through buying and sharing their work!

Koda arrived in my life during a particularly dark time. I was fortunate to work with him; he was my daily ray of sunshine. It's always a treat to be around a fellow creative spirit and Koda is most certainly that. Years passed and I was thrilled to reconnect with Koda on social media, where I discovered that he was a talented writer and poet! His diverse and unbiased perspective on life lends a unique, multifaceted voice which covers a wide range of emotions and subject matter. Check out his wonderful book of poetry, Walking Here and There

Koda's bio:
I'm a poet by nature and aspiring novelist and story-teller. I was born in Colorado in 1984, and raised in central Texas, and have been writing as long as I can remember (around 20 years). I am now back on the western slope of Colorado (and have been since 2002), and live with my roommate, Ashley, and her two children (Ethan and Jane), who I have the esteemed pleasure of getting to help raise as my own. I currently am in the roles of "housewife" and "stay-at-home parent", which has given me the much-needed time to work on my writing passion in between preparing meals and helping with homework.

When I'm not writing and spending time with my family, I spend my time with my many friends, in-person or online, reading books, and enjoying quality television and film. I also have recently become an activist for the end of Cannabis prohibition, focusing mainly on its many medicinal benefits and bad reputation (caused mostly by false propaganda) by sharing opinion-free science-based facts and articles on Facebook, intended to educate (rather than endorse) this mislabeled plant. Find and follow the real me on Facebook as well, where I also run pages for Koda and K. Michael, or find me on, where I will occasionally highlight some of my work. Peace and love to all!

Rachel is another one of those special people who spreads goodness and sunshine wherever she goes. She's gifted in almost every area of life- from people skills to dancing. Rachel always brings beauty to her surrounding with her kind spirit and stunning presence. Everyone adores her and I've never met anyone better with children. I'm always a bit surprised that bluebirds aren't constantly following her, tweeting out songs of adoration. Rachel has recently started an Etsy shop, The White Room Boutique, which showcases her many creative talents. Check out her artwork and wares!

Rachel's Bio:
Hello, my name is Rachel and I am originally from beautiful Colorado.  Back in 2010 I decided to turn my love of crafting into a small side business.  I made anything and everything for my friends and family, but I specialized in the skills that my grandma taught me growing up. (Sewing, drawing/painting, paper crafting, and crocheting.)  I did this on the side as a fun way to make a little extra money.  Back then I was working full time as an Exercise Specialist.  In 2013 I got married and due to my husband’s job, we moved to Florida and will continue to move here there and everywhere.  That being the case, it was and is hard for me to find jobs in my field.  I struggled with the fact that I felt like had no true purpose.  What was I supposed to be doing? What did I want to do? Most importantly, what would make me happy?  Naturally, over the years my small side business started to grow and it started to spread via word of mouth and get bigger.  I decided at the beginning of 2015 that my goal was to revamp my little business.  I wanted to make it more professional and see just where I could take it.  I decided then and there that I was going to make that my full time “job.”  That is when “White Room Boutique” was born and in February, I opened my very own online Etsy Shop!  I have had great success thus far due to the support I have received along the way.  I hope it continues to grow and I hope to put smiles on many people’s faces with my creations.  Please visit and like my Facebook page and check out my Etsy shop online.   No matter where I live or how often I move, I can take my “White Room Boutique” with me wherever I go.  

Pay it forward!
Peace, Love and Unicorns,