Friday, February 7, 2014

Drawrings with the Things

I have a couple of artists in the house. As a lover of art and former art major, this thrills me to no end. As a lover of QUIET, this is like a gift from the good Lord. So I encourage my Things to make art every day. Now when Thing 1 walks in the house after school, 9 out of 10 times he goes right for the pencils and paper. The best part (aside from that QUIET thing) is when the kids present me with their work and we talk about it. I enjoy getting a peek into their minds.

Sometimes what they draw is frighteningly accurate. Other times their imagination has gone wild. Sometimes they make the sweetest pictures featuring smiling people holding hands with hearts floating overhead. Other times I think they may be possessed.

Kids. Aren't they precious?

Here is what they created today.

Thing 1 (6 years old):

Me: What's this bubble over my head?
T1: You're thinking.
Me: What am I thinking about?
T1: What to get us all for Valentine's Day.
Me: Why am I the only one thinking in this picture?
T1: Because you're the leader and we're following you.

The child knows.
The child knows.

Thing 2 (3 years old):

Me: *figure 1* What is this? Is it a bus?
T2: Yeah! It's a bus for all my buddies!
Me: Is that the driver?
T2: Yeah! He's driving the bus full of my buddies!
Me: *figure 2* Who are these two?
T2: That's me and my best buddy in the swimming pool!
Me: *figure 3* What about this person- who's this guy?
T2: That's me eating all my Valentine candy!
Me: *figure 4*And what's this up here?
T2:  That's our new truck. It's full of snakes, but they're dead in boxes and people are eating the meat off of them.
Me: .....

Peace, Love and WTF?


  1. Bahaha - that snake stuff was DEEP. Anna (9) took a poll this week in class. What kind of shark would you like to be eaten by: Mako, Tiger or Great White. Thankfully she gave the option of Not at All as well. Not surprisingly, that was the winner...Peace, love and WTF? is my new favorite.

    1. I do not know WHERE that came from! And we don't have a new truck either. :)
      What a funny poll! I would choose Not at All too. Ha!

  2. Uhm, the snake thing was a surprise! hahaha

  3. Love this!
    Kid art is one of my most favorite things!

    1. Thank you! I love it when the blog posts are basically written for me. :)

  4. My daughter always drew the long tall figures also. Except she gave them huge heads. ALWAYS.