Monday, January 6, 2014

10 Activities with Kids for COLD Days

It's something stupid like -11 degrees outside today and I am trapped in my house with my kids on day 586 on Christmas break. If the last two weeks of my life is an indication of my parenting skills, I am clearly a master child-wrangler. There were so many stellar snippets of time to highlight this fact:
The sibling fighting.
The hyperactive defiance.
The constant testing.
The refusal to eat a meal that took me seven hours to cook.
The rude remarks after someone gave a thoughtful gift.
The blatant ignoring.
The moment that I no longer cared enough to hold my shit together.
The 46 texts to my husband saying "Bring wine".

As a haggard, exhausted parent on this last bitter cold day of break, I put together a list of indoor activities that have kept my children (plus a friend) entertained, happy, busy and polite today. Maybe I should have done this  before I listed everything/everyone in my house as "for sale" on Craigslist.

10 Things to Do with Your Kids When it's Stupid Cold Outside

1. Have them make their beds and get dressed (you know, that thing you haven't done in at least two weeks). Entice them to clean their room with a pending arrival of a friend. This will probably be enough incentive to get them to brush their hair and teeth as well.

2. Build a blanket fort, but not in your living room again. Make them do it in their bedroom! With the door closed!

3. Help them clean up the blanket fort, then build an elaborate train track. Assign everyone a train. When fighting begins, it's time to break for lunch!

3.5.  Learn to count to twenty in Spanish while feeding them all lunch.

4. Panic when you notice only three Christmas cookies remain. Enlist the help of the short people to replenish your home's blessed butter/sugar food combination. We made Chocolate Revel Bars- yum!

5. Have a dance party. Make sure to expose them to all the dance party masters that they really shouldn't be listening to, like Katy, Lady, and Miley. Throw in some 80's goodness for a little music history. Let each child lead a dance. Try to teach them all the Charleston.

6. When someone starts whining about being tired, sit and eat the cookies that you made. Congratulate yourself for burning some calories before consuming more.


8. CLEAN UP TIME!!! More dancing!

9. Put on some chill music, have everyone sits down and make a painting. Print off some paintings by Picasso and let the children copy them. I also like the Usborne Big Book of Playtime Activities for simple drawing tutorials.

10. Send the big ones back to the bedroom for some quiet creative play and sit on your butt on the couch with the little one for an episode of Garfield. Everyone has earned it.

10.5. Send text to husband "Bring wine... and pizza".

Congratulations! You made it through another day of winter!

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. You made the cold day sound not 1/2 bad!

    1. It's amazing how well the day went when the only responsibility I gave myself today was Play With The Kids. No laundry, no cleaning, no writing, just kids. As a bonus, the kids were so happy that I even had a little time to write! Whhhaaaaaatttt?