Monday, November 25, 2013

Old Navy Giveaway!

It all started with cargo pants.
I picked up a pair for each of my dudes for a family photo shoot. In fact, I bought more than pants for that shoot; as Tyra would say, I bought "H to T" Old Navy gear for my Things.

Photo from sugar photography. She's the best. Hire her.


Thing 1 was so in love with his tan cargo pants that he was attempting to wear them every day. I had one thing to say about that: Mama don't do that much laundry.

Being the fashion conscious kind and giving mother that I am, I generously loaded up both kids into my filthy pick up truck and drove to Old Navy in search of the same comfy pants in a different color. When we pulled up to the store, I noticed a sign in the window. It read "30% off the Entire Store!" which is basically a message saying "You are saving so much money, it's a crime NOT to buy all of the things."

I herded my children through the doors, where we were pleasantly greeted by the Super Happy Old Navy mannequins. I love those mannequins. I feel like we have a special connection- like maybe we are related. And my three year old always pets the shiny plastic dog. He's a real animal lover, that one.

This is me with my favorite mannequin from this
past summer. We're like... OMG! Twins!

 Knowing the children's clothing is toward the back of our local Old Navy, my options were to walk through either the men's or the ladies' section. Doi. I went through the ladies' section. I've always been a sucker for the scenic route. I was prepared to find a few cute things that I liked, as I always do at Old Navy. I was not, however, prepared for the intense feelings of affection from the depths of my soul.

What I found in Old Navy was a section of clothing that was beckoning to me. Because I like to label things, I immediately named the collection "Cozy Cabin Chic". I'm not certain what Old Navy calls it, but I'm pretty sure it is "Lounge Wear". Whatever. The stuff was adorable and completely my style. Chunky cardigan sweaters, plaid flannel shirts, thick sweatpants, comfy thermal tees and beautiful scarves. Things that you can wear for cleaning out a closet, baking cookies, walking the dog, napping and meeting your girlfriends out later for a bottle of wine.Yep. That's how I roll. The best part was that I found not one, but TWO perfect red scarves. I had been looking for the perfect red scarf for the last few years because I'm nothing if not committed to the search, particularly when it comes to men, martinis or material items that match my favorite lipstick.

Nothing compliments hot tea and a fire better than this
Navajo print sweater and beautiful oh-so-soft red scarf.
Photo and fireplace courtesy of Brock.
Tea courtesy of Celestial Seasonings.

Red Dog thinks this is the perfect shirt for a little game of ball.
Photo and fence courtesy of Brock. He's a real hunny.

This sweater is officially the coziest one in my closet. I'm in love with it.
And this scarf? FABULOUS.
It's one of those giant squares that can double as a picnic blanket,
a parachute or a blanket for your tiny, imaginary boyfriend.
That is why Freda from the Grand Junction Old Navy is
giving away
two of these red scarves to TWO LUCKY READERS!

Photo courtesy of Thing 2. He works for Popsicles.

After scooping up an armload of Cozy Cabin wear for myself, I also found a boatload of new items for my six year old. Not only was able to score my oldest child blue cargo pants, but he also found two new sweaters, gloves, sweatpants and a pair of boots. The kid has style. What can I say? He gets it from me. In fact, both of my kids get their style from me. Literally. Because I buy them all their clothing.

Thing 1 in Old Navy.
Photo by Sugar Photography.

Thing 2 in Old Navy.
Photo from Sugar Photography.

Because of the killer savings, I left the store with a remarkably small dent in my wallet but a great deal of wearable fashion for myself and my kids. Brock can fend for himself.

JUST KIDDING. Of course I buy him all of his clothing too, but he only wears work clothes in front of me... probably because he never stops working. Ever.

On Black Friday, Old Navy will have 50% off the ENTIRE STORE. All of the clothing that you see in the pictures above, plus so much more, will be HALF PRICE. Get in there!

There are still some flannel pj's in there that want to be mine.

If you would like to enter the giveaway for the red print scarf you can win up to FOUR entries:
1) COMMENT here or on facebook
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4) SHARE on your choice of social media (blog. twitter, facebook or pinterest) and tell me about it!

Good Luck! The winners will be chosen on Saturday November 30th!

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  1. If it weren't for Old Navy, my son and I would be naked most of the time. Twice a year, I hop online and fill up the cart with ridiculous amounts of clothing for both of us, and then have a giant Oooh! Aaah! party when the UPS guy staggers to the front door with the box. And then there are all the in-between trips to the "real store" for essentials....

    1. It's one of the best places to shop for the fam at a reasonable price fo sho!

  2. We love old navy socks and sweat pants. They wash really well and last for years!

    1. I have a bunch of sweaters from Old Navy that have held up beautifully over the years!

  3. The tiny jacket is to die for.

  4. HOW DID I MISS THIS? Sorry for the yelling. You all are ridiculously adorable. Please stop, it's blinding my eyeballs.