Friday, June 28, 2013

TMI Fridays: Corn Fed Girl


Life has been busy in the land of Corn Fed Girl!

Don't you LOVE it when people talk about themselves in third person?
She loves long walks on the beach, thunderstorms and cuddling- but not too much cuddling because she starts getting hot and sticky.

First and foremost, I love summer.

Instead of sitting inside my tiny house, feeling like the walls are closing in on me while I loathe winter, I have been spending copious amounts of time in my gargantuan yard and garden, working on beautifying my environment while getting a farmer's tan. My veggies are growing strong and healthy and my yard is full of colorful blooms. My shoulders are brown and my ass is glowing white. I'm eating homegrown salad and drinking real lemonade. I'm in my element.

Aside from gardening, my days are full of:

Coffee first.... then
ponies, swimming, trips to the mountains, riding, hiking, kid wrangling, dog walking, photography, karate, T-ball, BBQ's, an occasional pathetic jog, camping, planning my trip to BlogHer in Chicago, weddings- so many weddings, facebook, phone calls with my girl Sarah, attempting to keep my house clean, the smallest acceptable amount of personal hygiene, preparing meals and naturally, LAUNDRY.


Then I made this on my porch:

And then my truck broke.

I've also been writing. Just not here as much.

Here's a quick run-down of where I've been and where I'll be:

Keesha Beckford, one of my I Just Want to Pee Alone co-authors, featured me in an interview on her blog Mom's New Stage. She penned "So She Thought She Could Cut Off My Stroller", one of my personal favorite essays in I Just Want to Pee Alone. AND she's a gorgeous dancer! I wish I could be a dancer! Instead, I watch So You Think You Can Dance while sitting on my butt and pretend like I can do those lovely things with my legs. Check out our interview HERE.

While at BlogHer 2013 in Chicago, I'll be part of the 15 Kick Ass Blogger Pee Alone Book Signing at Bongiorno's on Friday, July 26th. Click this link to buy your tickets ($15-which include a book and a drink). I hope to meet a lot of you there!

In the midst of my crazy life and inappropriate musings, a few months ago my writing attracted the attention of Chrome Magazine. Chrome is a brand new western lifestyle publication by American Paint Horse Association. I am proud to announce that I am their "Features Writer"! I am so excited about this new venture because it is the PERFECT fit for me!

The inaugural summer issue was just printed and I contributed two stories, which you can get a taste of on their new website:

Check out a preview my "Colorful Character" story, "A Cowboy's Life" and my "No Fences" story about my childhood pony "Little Joe". I also illustrated the picture of my 8 year old self and Little Joe.

I'll be a regular contributor to their website and magazine, where I will be sharing my stories and my knowledge of interior design, cooking, fashion and country life (all with my trademark humor- minus some foul words!).

Follow Chrome on facebook and sign up for your own membership for this exclusive 10x12 full color, high quality magazine!

And last but not least, I finally took the dogs to the groomer. Red Dog now looks like Fozzie Bear.

Yes, I am feeling a little hyper. And overwhelmed. And excited. But mostly blessed. So blessed.

Thanks to all of you for supporting my vision of becoming a writer. It's incredible to have so many awesome people in my life. I'm very humbled and grateful.

And I hope Brock can fix my truck, because I love my truck.

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. I won't play these games... I would take a nap on your porch like no other! So If you find a random girl there, just leave me be. I'll leave everything as I found it.



  2. I stopped by the campground on the way home last and your proud mama showed me the magazine. Great job!

    Oh, you left out an "a" at the start of the url for the link to the story about Dennis on this blog, it takes you to the California Hospital Association website. Which is not nearly as interesting as your story about Dennis.

  3. Hey! Congrats on your writing gig. Also, I think I mentioned (somewhere? FB?) to you that I loved your piece in "I Just Want to Pee Alone." I read it when Teri @ Snarkfest asked if I'd write a book review, which I did & today it's on The Epistolarians (run by Tracy @ Momaical who was also in the book). I tried to tweet you but you're not on TWITTER!!!! Also read your interview on Keesha's blog. Gotta love Keesha. Here's the book review:

    Have a great 4th. Love the couch btw. Can you make me one?

  4. So many congratulations! Dreams coming true!!