Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Little Baseball Story

The temperature was a perfect 75 degrees, with just enough breeze to blow away the bugs. The sun was setting over the mountains in the west, casting a magical golden light onto the quaking leaves of the mammoth Cottonwood tree in our yard. The littlest one was still napping. The chores were mostly done and the laundry was drying on the line. It was the perfect time for a game of catch with my five-year old.

We soon found our mother/son baseball rhythm. The excitement rose every time the hard ball slapped the worn leather of our hand-me-down gloves. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. It was one of those moments to savor.

Using my grossly limited field of baseball knowledge, I gently coached my eager child on some basic throwing and catching. He listened intently. I was finally talking about something of interest to him. He quickly began to follow my meager instructions.

"When the ball is above your head, turn your glove like this to face me," I said.

He shifted his glove and nodded.

I tossed him the ball. It flew high in the air and the sunlight glinted off the white leather. He stood there, glove facing forward.... watching.... ready. His little body was flexed in anticipation. For a instant, time froze. I held my breath.

Then it happened.


The leather popped in that satisfying way that it does when a baseball is caught.

My son's blue eyes sparkled with happiness. His blonde head bobbed as he began a victory bounce on the lawn. As he celebrated, he shouted, "This is the first one that I ever caught like that!"

I smiled at my precious one and said, "That's so awesome, buddy! I'm so proud of you!"

He said, "I can't WAIT to show Dad!"

I said, "Don't forget to tell Dad who taught you how to catch like that!"

He continued to bounce and said, "Right! Daddy taught me!"

..... wait. WHAT?

I gently corrected him, "Nooooo. MOMMY taught you! Yay for MOMMY!"

Then I added, "Geez! Don't I get any credit around here!"

He replied, "The credit cards are DONE!"

Why, yes they are, son. Yes. They. Are.

Peace, Love and We're Only Doing Free Stuff All Summer,

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