Sunday, May 19, 2013

Still Crazy After All These Years

There's something I haven't told you.

I'm a married woman,

this you know.

But I love someone else.

He's tall, muscular and athletic.

I can't help myself.

Yes, my husband knows.

Yet our love is undeniable, so Brock simply accepts it.

There's nothing he can do.

It's love.

Plus, my love and I have been together for a long time.

Eleven years.

Two years longer than "Brock-N-Johi".

He doesn't live with me anymore 
(my love, not Brock. His dirty socks are on my living room rug right now),

but I will get him back soon.

Very soon.

And together, we will live happily ever after...

or until one of us gets old and croaks.

That seems to be how true love works.

Do you want to see a picture?
I thought so.
He's so handsome.

Prepare yourself.

This is my Gus. I love him.

The best view. Evah. He almost always listens to me and he doesn't talk back.

Meant to be... he's not as bored as he looks. I promise.
He's just holding a little grudge. He'll get over it as soon as he comes home.
To me.


  1. aww, he's beautiful. I keep warning my husband that I will have a horse one day. he doesn't believe me. *evil smile*

    1. Thanks. I think he is gorgeous too. I keep telling Brock that I will get a unicorn herd and I don't think he believes me, so I totally get you.

  2. Ooooo..Gus is handsome.

  3. He is a very studly man. I can see why Brock didn't ever have a chance. And . . . he let's you always be on top. ;)

    1. He's actually a gelding... so... not so studly anymore. So many ball jokes, so little time.

  4. He's sooo handsome! Does he happen to have any taller,longer-faced single brothers?

    1. Hahahaha! My husband's horse is Gus' brother. He is a little taller. Do you want his digits?

  5. OMG.... Now I'm in love too!! He's beautiful!!