Friday, April 5, 2013

TMI Fridays: The Dose of Reality

TMI Friday!

Today I am talking with Lisa and Ashley from The Dose of Reality. You know when you stalk people for a while on the Internet and you know that you like them, then one day you get to talk to them on the travel phone and your like grows to something that is so much bigger, and it feels all warm and fuzzy and tingly? I'm just going to say it, I love these women.

Lisa is in the lead, eating all the bugs, Ashley is riding drag.

I can see the headlines now:


Lisa and Ashley grabbed their Starbucks and sat around Lisa's kitchen table just like they do when they write a blog post, except this time with me on speaker phone. After an hour of casual chatting where I asked my usual ridiculous questions, I learned that both women came into SAHM/ Blogland via the medical field. Also both women are pleasantly Type A and hilarious. These two women are a match made in friend heaven. Seriously. They complete each other. I'm not sure who is the yin and who is the yang, but Ashley and Lisa go together like peas and carrots. Listening to them play off each other made me want a bloggy partner. I'm currently taking applications.

Johi: What made you decide to become Stay at Home Moms?

Lisa: I really believe that women can have it all. For me though, I couldn't have it all at the same time. Personally, I could not figure out how to be fully immersed in every aspect of my life all at once. I felt like I needed to pick between my career (Internal Medicine Primary Physician) and my family. It was surprising that I choose family because I had spent my whole life working toward the goal of becoming a physician. In fact, when I was younger, I didn't even know if I wanted to get married or have kids. In the end, staying at home was the best decision for my family. I've been successful so far, but we'll see how my kids turn out.

Johi: You know what they say, you are only as successful as your most screwed up kid. It doesn't matter if one is a doctor, if the other is in jail, everyone is judging you based on Little Miss Mugshot.

Lisa: *laughs* Brilliant!

Johi: Just true.

Ashley: I was never as committed to my career as Lisa. Probably because I am fundamentally lazy. But I was really good at my job (Post Op/Orthopedic/Operating Room Registered Nurse) and worked it part time after the birth of my oldest. When she turned two, I was going to be required to work every other Christmas and I decided to leave so that I could be with my kids full time. Also, I am easily annoyed. I don't really like people. It turns out that I would have rather played a nurse on TV.

Johi: That is understandable. How did you ladies meet?

Ashley: We were young... we needed the money...
Actually, we met through the annual school car raffle.

Johi: What kind of a car? A clown car? Does it run?

Ashley: It is as bad as it sounds. What we didn't realize is that we also knew each other from a High Drama Mommy Board (online forum).

Lisa: We used pseudonyms online, but we had similar thoughts on things. I recognized her as good people.

Johi: What made you decide to start a blog together?

Lisa: When we did the car raffle together, we discovered that we have a similar work ethic. Also, our strengths and faults balance out. We share a level of intensity. It would be a crime if we didn't take advantage of our connection.

Ashley: I started blogging. Lisa was helping in the background. She was the wind beneath my wings. We both watched reality TV and she would send me hilarious recaps of the shows in emails. I threatened to post them.

Lisa: She blackmailed me. I said that I would just do the TV stuff. But the funny is unstoppable.

Ashley: Now we duo... dual... co?.. we blog together. It's like we have the Wonder Twin Powers. Lisa has the "Zhuzzing" power, and the graphics.

Lisa: It's true, I'm the PicMonkey queen.

Ashley: There is nothing on our blog that isn't a little bit of both of us. I don't know how people do it alone.

Johi: I just hit publish and ignore all the typos and tense issues. I need "Zhuzzing". I need a Lisa.
Moving on. What is your favorite food/drink combo?

Lisa: I have a Starbuck's addiction. When I walk in the door, they start my order Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dulce Latte and an oatmeal.

Ashley: Venti Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with a ham and cheddar artisian sandwich.

Johi: Now I'm hungry and craving a latte. 
Okay, so we are going to play a little game called Pick A Team!
Team Jennifer Aniston or Anjelina Jolie?
Both: Jolie.
Johi: I don't think I can be friends with you anymore.
Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise?
Both: Katie Holmes.
Johi: Team Jacob or Team Edward?
Ashley: I didn't read Twilight.
Lisa: Based on the books: Edward. Based on his body in the last two movies: Jacob.
Johi: Team Peeta or Gale?
Both: Peeta.
Johi: Really???? I guess I go for the lumberjack type. Gale is HOT. 
Team Big or Aidan?
Both: Aidan.
Johi: Team Charlie Sheen or the Entire Human Race?
Both: Human Race.
Johi: Team Rhianna or Chris Brown?
Ashley: Charlie Sheen?
Johi: New Kids on the Block or N'Sync?
Both: Eh, neither.
Johi: What about Marky Mark or Justin Timberlake in a dance off?
Both: Yes. Shirtless.
Johi: I concur.
Team The Pope or McJagger?
Both: McJagger.
Johi: Team 90210 or Melrose Place?
Ashley: 90210.
Lisa: I didn't watch those shows.
Johi: Lisa is too highbrow. She was probably too busy watching Saved By The Bell (or becoming a doctor or some shit).

Johi: If you were on Wife Swap, who would you swap households with?

Ashley: Jennifer Garner, with fringe benefits.

Johi: Like waxing Ben's back?

Ashley: Or other benefits.

Lisa: Alexander Skaarsgard isn't married.... so Michelle Obama. She could really organize my house and get it into ship shape. Then she could give me some wardrobe and gardening advice. Plus, her kids would be easy, they've already been raised well.

Johi: What are your guilty pleasures?

Lisa: The problem is, I don't feel guilty or embarrassed about anything.

Johi: Ha! What is your guilty pleasure song?

Ashley: Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Lisa: Call Me Maybe.

Johi: What is your guilty pleasure TV Show?

Both: The Bachelor- only because the truly awful Bachelor Pad has been cancelled for the summer.

Johi: I've watched that. It is horrible and yet, you can't look away.
What is your guilty pleasure food?

Ashley: Cold (frozen) milk chocolate candy.

Lisa: Popcorn, movie theater style.

Johi: Butter or no butter?

Lisa: No butter.

Johi: Thank you. Wet butter on popcorn makes me feel like I am eating popcorn that has already been in someone else's mouth. 

Lisa: Exactly.

Johi: What is your favorite essay in I Just Want to Pee Alone?

Both: Karen Alpert of Baby Sideburns' "I Love Disney World. Wait, No. That Whole Title is a Typo." We've each been to Disney when our own kids were that age. We totally commiserated with her.

If you want to read more of the Wonder Twin Power duo of Lisa and Ashley, visit their blog, The Dose of Reality . They are also on Facebook, just like everyone else you know! These fabulous ladies co-penned "The Husbands Who Cried Wolf-itis" in the best selling book I Just Want to Pee Alone. Buy it today on Amazon !


  1. "Wet butter on popcorn makes me feel like I am eating popcorn that has already been in someone else's mouth." PwAhahahaAha!

  2. We desperately want you to Johi-fy all of our conversations from here on out! You made us sound so much better than real life! :D

    Thanks so much for the interview. It was like being on Oprah, only better because we got to wear yoga pants. --The Dose Girls

    1. No, you ladies are hilarious with or with out me. Thanks for subjecting yourself to my bs questions. I had a great time!

  3. I love these ladies! So funny and talented. I had no idea they rode motorcycles. Organ donors?! ;)

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  5. Great interview! That's my favorite story in I Just Want to Pee Alone too. :)

    1. The gals made it easy! I just let them be funny and wrote the stuff down. I loved the Disney story too. So hilarious!

  6. Fabulous post. These are too of my favorite ladies! I live in a different area, but I think I know of which High Drama Mommy Board you speak. Pretty sure we have the same one here!

    I secretly love Total Eclipse of the Heart. Ever seen the music video? Creepy... really, really creepy!

  7. Glad to see an interview featuring two of my favourite bloggers! So great to hear about how you started blogging together!

  8. I love the combo- I can't imagine how blogging could work with two, but these two are perfect!

  9. I loved reading this interview because I truly, truly love these two women. They make you want to live close to them so that you can spend the days talking about how life REALLY is and laugh so hard your stomach hurts. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and Total Eclips of the Heart, Yes and Yes! Based on the books, I'm Team Edward, too (okay, based on the movies I am still Team Edward but only because I can't stop seeing Jacob as Sharkboy from Sharkboy and LavaGirl). This was such a fun read and great questions Johi!

  10. I love these gals!! Thanks for the great interview!

  11. This is such a fun interview. What great questions!

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  13. Oh my gosh, this makes me want a blogging partner too! I so love the Dose Girls! Love the blog and you girls do a great interview too. Ashley, I love your comment about not really liking people. :)

  14. hahaha! I love butter on popcorn, but you may have killed it for me for two hours or something. Then I'll recover. I love this. I love the mix of sentiment and comedy. They really are the dynamic duo. I totally like Big over Aiden, though. I'm so alone! And high drama mommy boards. Yeah...I've seen a few of those..

  15. I enjoyed getting to hear from you two. I admire your partnership and how you work together to give great content and build a community.

  16. Haha this is awesome! Great interview!

    But I'm very upset that your guilty pleasure song is Total Eclipse of the Heart, Ashley! That song is awful, and now I have it stuck in my head!

  17. I absolutely love these ladies! They crack me up every single day. Fantastic interview!

  18. {Melinda} Awesome interview. Call Me Maybe ... yes! I never get tired of that song. I want to perform it on stage. It's so happy it makes you feel like you could do that. But that would be a really bad idea in my case. My kids don't even like to hear me sing in church. And, I can't even imagine what they'd think of my dancing.

  19. {Melinda} The above comment is actually from Mothering From Scratch ... somehow it published under my old blog name. :)

  20. Oh how fun this was!!! Always laughing and always loving my dose girls!!! :)