Sunday, March 17, 2013

Celebration, Music, Books and The Winner!

Life is so good that sometimes you just have to celebrate! Sometimes that "celebration" happens in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. Sometimes that "celebration" involves two people gettin' nekkid. Sometimes your child walks into your room and notices your bare shoulders and asks, "Why don't you have any clothes on?" and you casually reply, "I'm getting into the shower." Then sometimes the child wonders out loud, "Are you wearing underpants?" and you say, "Get on outta here.", or something like that.

Um. Sometimes that happens.
Well, this is awkward.

Hey you guys! I'm in a book! It's called I Just Want to Pee Alone. It's really funny! I've read it three times now. I've even taken to following Brock around and reading passages to him from the book, just to watch him laugh. And he laughs. Every time. Because the pee book is full of really funny stories from really funny writers. I want to introduce you to all of the contributors today so that you can visit their blogs and experience their fabulosity.




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The Underachiever's Guide to Being a Domestic Goddess
Last week, I gave away one book to a reader and the winner is DONNA BECKER!
Congratulations, Donna! Shoot me an email with your address and I will sign and ship you a copy.

Are you sad that you didn't win? No worries! You can simply purchase your own copy from Amazon or itunes.
Wait! Don't go! I have more.
To make the most of the fact that I woke up at 5 a.m., I put on my headphones, turned on Pandora and went for my morning walk with Red Dog.

I watched the sun break over the trees while the icy March air blasted my face. 


I watched the birds fly and the steam rise from the pond.  


I contemplated life and joy.

I thought about my wonderful boys.

I mused about little green men and pots full of gold. 

The music was good and the air was cold.

Red Dog is cute and she doesn't even know it.
This is why I'm not a poet.

These were my favorite songs this morning. Enjoy. 


    I hope you all have a Happy St. Paddy's Day!

    Wear something green and kiss someone special.










    1. Hell yeah! I love being on the tippy top, the reservoir tip of the BLOGGY PYRAMID OF AWESOME. And more than that, I love you. Too soon?

      1. Never too soon for that, especially from our reservoir tip. In fact, I'm totally planning on giving you one of those too long, uncomfortable hugs when we first meet. It will be epic.

      2. I've heard that a lot about Rachel loving being on top. ;)

    2. Yay! I sent you an email under my super-secret email, cre8ivgirl (now, not so super-secret).

      1. I like your email It's very cre8iv. Congrats on winning!

    3. Morning walks are the best. Those pictures are lovely!

      1. I agree. It's my alone time. I write some of my best blog posts because of those head clearing walks. Obviously today, it just brought out my ADD. Sometimes that happens, too.

    4. So glad to have connected with you through the book although wishing my blog name were shorter so I could make the top of the pyramid.

      1. Likewise! I'm considering changing my blog name to "CORN" or something... You can be on top of the ACTUAL pyramid when we meet in VEGAS. :)

    5. Love this so much! And we are with Jessica Watson on wishing we were at the top of the pyramid! ;) The pictures are gorgeous...I miss CO!
      P.S. I was accidentally logged in as my hubby when I first commented, so feel free to delete robstercraw!-Ashley

      1. It was a beautiful morning! I love sunrises and sunsets- some of the best stuff of the day.

    6. Love being part of the book with you and I will take any part of the pyramid!