Friday, February 8, 2013

Faulty Body Parts and Other Pretty Things

Hey guys. I'm told that it is Friday. You could have fooled me. Every day this week felt like a Monday. Seriously, I took my children to restaurants for belated dinners twice this week, once was even after a one hour ride in the vehicle. I think this earns me some sort of a diploma, or a first class ticket to a mental institution.
On the bright side, I bought cookies and my sister was here for a lovely, albeit brief, visit. On the dark side, she forced me into some Satanic two hour workout and now I can hardly use my right arm. In fact, I'm typing this with my left foot.
I have pretty big plans for the day. First I need to vacuum and do laundry. Maybe later I will make a meal that will inspire Thing 2 to eat something other than tiny oranges and popsicles. I also plan on watching some of the shows are stacked up on my DVR. Clearly, I am quite busy, so instead of writing today, I am sharing some photos that I recently shot.
I hope you all love Instagram as much as I do. * evil laugh*
Have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm!
Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. Very cool photos! Red Dog makes me miss my Brown Dog. :-(

    1. She does resemble your Brown Dog. She's my walking buddy for sure!

  2. Those mini ponies have galloped into my heart!! They're like the hobbits of the pony world!!



    1. Unlike most ponies, my ponies are very sweet. (Most ponies are evil little bastards!)