Friday, November 9, 2012

Name calling is for all ages?

I was sitting in the living room the other day, trying to grab a moment of peace by reading my newest copy of Sunset magazine, when I heard, "Hey! You little butthead!!!"

I looked up and yelled, "Seriously Brock! You can't call the kids buttheads! Please apologize to them and STOP DOING IT!"

I heard some halfhearted mumbling from my 48 year old adult husband as Thing 2's tiny voice gleefully sang an entire tune of "butthead butthead butthead!!!!".

Brock turned to me and said, "What? There is a cartoon with Butthead in the title!"

I said, "That cartoon was not made for children ages 2 and 5."

He argued, "They know I'm joking."

I said, "You aren't the one who will have to listen to them call some other kid that name on the playground. Nor are you the one who will be talking to the teachers at preschool about our kid name calling at recess. Nor are you the one that will have to deal with the fact that no mother wants their kid to hang out with the little boy who taught their precious angel the word butthead. Please. Just stop it."

He said, "I won't do it again."

I probably rolled my eyes, smirked, then poured myself a glass of wine.

Today, at preschool pickup, I was enlightened by the teacher that Thing 1 had been participating a little name calling when playing with the other kids. Seeing how I was not at all surprised by this, I asked, "Was the word, perhaps, butthead?"

Indeed, it was.


After a long conversation with Thing 1 about what a nice boy he is, and how nice boys don't want to hurt people's feelings by calling them names, even if the names are supposed to be funny, so could he please never do that again; I can only hope that he listened and absorbed my words.

As for that six foot tall guy that I live with.... well, that butthead has another thing coming.


  1. Husbands are soooooo hard to train. So much harder than kids. Keep fighting he good fight, Jo.

  2. Damn buttheads.

    Yeah, I swear AND name call. Wanna make something of it?

    I don't need to insert that winky little smiley face so you know I'm joking, do I?

    Just in case:


  3. Well, in Texas you would be told, by many, 'We do not use the term "Butt", we refer to it as a "Bottom".' Bottomhead, just doesn't have the same ring to it. And whatEVER you do never tell your child's teacher that "this is a bunch of Crap"! (even if it really is a bunch of Crap) Appearently CRAP is a no-no word as well.