Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

As the holidays near, I always find myself reflecting more on the loved ones in my life. I think about all the love around me. I think about how I am blessed. I am grateful to be a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a niece, a cousin, an aunt and a wife.

Even though my feelings of thanks may equal my feelings of fear, I'm grateful for my creativity. I often trivialize my ability to decorate, help a friend select the perfect outfit, take a photo worthy of a frame , make a drawing or write a story, yet I feel those things make me different than many. Therefore I am thankful; mostly because being just like everyone else seems epically boring.

Oh! And I am grateful for my ability to laugh at myself and the crazy stuff around me. Yeah, I'm really grateful for that.

A friend recently posted on facebook a link to a story about living a non-ironic life. I thought to myself, "Huh.", then I didn't read it because I just am not that interested in growing as a person. But mostly I didn't read it because I feel that comedy is the spice of life, and without irony , there is no comedy.

For example: my phone wanted me to write "iron on my knee" instead of "irony". For your information phone, there is a dog on my knee, not an iron. And that dog happens to be a dachshund, a breed which I normally find abhorrent due to the fact that every one that I have met has attempted to bite off my face or the face of a fellow human, but this dachshund happens to be adorable and I probably love it, so how's that for ironic? Huh? AND! My husband snored so loudly at 5 am that he jolted me awake and now I'm on vacation and up at 5! Whaaaattt?


So what I'm really saying is that I'm glad my life isn't perfect, because perfect people are intensely boring.

Hey, Type A people! Since we cannot control all the people around us today, specifically that one creepy guy who will show up at Thanksgiving dinner ( because there is ALWAYS one) let's make a list!

Things to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving.

1. People that love you, even on your bad days. Like the folks that still love you despite the fact that you say "a whole nother". Or the ones that stuck with you through those outfit choices in the late 80's. Or the ones that didn't shove you out of the car while you attempted to harmonize with The Cranberries. Those people. Thanks.

2. People that you love. It's probably the same list as number one, minus an occasional stalker.

3. Ponies, puppies and kittens. Duh.

4. I know that there are "trendy" sayings lovingly plastered all over bathroom walls that state "The best things in life aren't things" but I am grateful for a roof over my head, a vehicle to get me around, food on the table, clothes on my back and shoes ( preferably expensive ones) on my feet. The last I checked, those are all pretty good "things".

5. Laughter. Specifically the kind that doubles you over, makes your face hurt, gives you a side cramp, and makes you cry until snot pours out of your nose.

6. Long walks where you don't see another person, specifically a park ranger, especially since you have your dog off leash...

7. Those days when everything goes right and you feel like you're succeeding at this whole life-thingy! Woohoo!!! WINNING!

8. Those days where everything goes wrong and you are humbled and small. Some of our best stuff (you know, growth and shit) comes from those days.

9. Wine.

10. And last but not least, Faith in something or someone greater than yourself. "Thank you for this beautiful life."

Peace, Love, and Laughter,


  1. Happy Turkey Day, Cornflake Girl!! ;)

  2. So, "whole nuther" is wrong?? Sh*t.

    You are funny and brilliant and flawed.

    My kinda gal.

  3. Have a WONDERFUL day, and I am thankful for knowing you. And beer. Beer is important but that's a whole nother subject. (I am also thankful I am not the only one who says "a whole nother".)

  4. You mean GOOD wine!

    Funny post, glad I stopped by. :)