Monday, September 3, 2012

Seven Years Later and Not Even Itchy

"Marriage is nature's way of keeping us from fighting with strangers." ~the quote on the anniversary card that I presented to my husband. Cuz I'm all romantical and stuffs.

Yesterday marked my seven year wedding anniversary. Oh how time flies! Because Brock and I took the leap of faith, joined hands and exchanged vows, we have experienced things that exceeded our expectations of life: like 'vacationing' in the MidWest and bills and babies and diapers and more diapers and sleepless nights and laughter and arguments and many many boxes of wine and the greatest love imaginable- because without US, there would be no Things- and have you all seen the cuteness there?

Yesterday, to celebrate our love, we hired a babysitter and left the house in fancy (i.e CLEAN) clothes. Brock and I enjoyed a wonderful anniversary date. Do you know what the best part of it was? (besides eating food that I didn't shop for, cook, then clean up?) We still genuinely like each other. I think that is a sign of more good things for our future. Plus we are still all romantic and shit. Like when I gently told him to use his napkin to remove the bit of food that was stuck to his chin stubble and skeeving me out, and when he told me that I looked like a hooker, but a high class one! And I was HIS hooker, so I should be happy! *Note to self: wear leggings with that dress next time...*

When I think back on our seven years of marriage, a few moments stand out as 'extra special':

Naturally, our wedding day was amazing. Brock and I had a mountain wedding under a flower filled arbor by a stream on a gorgeous day. We were surrounded by the people that we love the most while music and laughter filled the air. We vowed our love for one another and smiled and clinked our champagne glasses together in the sparkling sunlight. It seriously was magical. Our cake was decorated in tiny birds and we sang Karaoke. There was even a horse drawn carriage, a not-so-virginal white-ish dress and a limerick from my sister, from which she kindly removed "Ho-ey" as a word that rhymed with Johi. It was magical. We have made so many beautiful memories from that day forward.

Of course, the births of our two boys were two of the most cherished moments of all time for both Brock and me. The fear, the pain, the joy and the overwhelming feeling of the most intense love on the planet are what mark those moments as significant and emblazon them into our hearts. The years that we have spent together, practicing (sometimes succeeding and other times failing) to be good parents, has been challenging and hilarious and frustrating and AMAZING. Nothing makes us feel joy as much as watching our kids, the people that WE CREATED, be joyful and exuberant about life. Damn, do we love those kids. We are so thankful our children.

Some of my favorite memories with Brock are the simple moments that we have spent with friends. Some times we were standing in our tiny kitchen, lounging around our island that I conjured up and Brock created, discussing important topics; like interest rates, politics and dildos. There is usually wine and a lovely selection of meat and cheese involved. Other times we were sitting in second hand chairs around our fire pit in the back yard, talking and laughing and dodging the smoke. Sometimes we laughed with each other and other times we laughed at each other. We have great friends. Smart, funny, witty and engaging people. We are so blessed with an amazing support system.

But my favorite moments? The best? They happen at night, when the two of us are snuggled into our bed, safely ensconced between the white sheets that I selected for us and the old door that Brock hung on the wall as a headboard. There we talk about life. We focus on each other. We reconnect. We watch movies that are inappropriate for children. We giggle, chuckle and snort. We shrug off the day. And we sleep. And even when he snores or steals the blankets or tries to watch Sponge Bob or the Classic Tractor Parade, I love him, and I love us. We are so lucky to have each other.

And now I will write another horrible poem titled Year Seven:

Seven years of laughter and tears.
Seven years of wine and beer(s?).
Seven years of kisses and hugs.
Seven years and four living room rugs.(damn gross animals!) 
Seven years of marriage we've shared.
Seven years we've loved and we've cared.
Seven years and not even itching,
 Even though my right eye does a fair bit of twitching.
Seven years of mostly really good times.
Seven years of my always really bad rhymes.
Seven years down, many more on the horizon.
I look forward to our future, together,*she HIGH FIVES him*(not even in the face). 
I have only one warning, for my love that is true.
Unless you can find better programs on TV, I'm hiding the remote control from you.

So THANK YOU, Brock, for making my life what it is today. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the love. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for taking this journey with me. And thank you for telling me the truth; like last night when I told you that I was going to take off my make-up and to 'be prepared' and you said that I was just as beautiful without makeup. Then I looked at you and smirked and you laughed and said, "Well, I'll just use my imagination!" Thanks for that.

As I said in my card, "I promise to love and cherish you every day. Well.... at least four times a week." And I mean it.

Peace, Love and Happy Marriages,


  1. Congrats and Happy Anniversary! And, you still like him? Bonus!

  2. Very sweet, Johi. Congratulations to both of you! Life is grand when you're married to your "soulmate," isn't it? Our marriage isn't perfect, either, but we would not change a thing; we like our challenges and achievements. They make our life richer and certainly gives us plenty to talk about. Not to take anything away from you guys, but I truly relate clearly and distinctly with my own marriage. (Thanks ahead for letting me add that and you having to read it.) ;) Thanks for sharing your story, what a grand one it is. Wishing you many, many more fun times and much love. It goes so fast; soak it all in. :) Oh, by the way, married in nature is wonderful and beautiful; I know, we were married by the river behind mom and dad's house, magical indeed! (really, I'm not trying to make this out about my marriage, I just can relate, which I think is a good thing to share.) =)

  3. Awwww ... happy anniversary, Brock and Johi!!

  4. So sweet!!! Thank you for staying married. My husband and I can't handle any more divorces. We've been through three, lately. That shit wears on you.

  5. You two are so frigging hot!! Clearly you were meant to exchange sexual fluids because your children look like little blonde cowboy angels.

    I'm nearly at the end of year 3 with my South African hottie & he still gives my fanny tingles (remember in NZ fanny isn't bottom).

    It pleases me to read posts like this Johi. Gives me hope that the world isn't totally fucked.

    Love you guys!!!

  6. Awwww...Congratulations!

  7. Great pictures! Happy anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary! That's quite the compliment for him to say you looked like a high class hooker, er, his, high class hooker.