Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just living the dream.

I'm not going to apologize for being away from my computer, hence ignoring my blog and all of yours, because I have been busy. I'm burning up with the Spring Fever. I've been outside sprinkling magical fairy dust over everything to make my life as fabulous as possible. I'm enhancing, sprucing up and bedazzling everything around me (except for myself) for the benefit of me, myself, I, my family, friends and neighbors (but most of all for myself)...because if you don't know by now how important beautiful things are to me then you either just started reading or you haven't been paying attention.

Here is where I add photographic evidence so that you can see how my life is rammed full of grace and beauty.

Exhibit A:

My clearly handsome and helpful husband.....

Exhibit 2:
My history of stellar taste in hairstyles
and fashion.
Exhibit 45:

Isn't mating BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!?
It's so NATURAL.
Shhhhh. Don't disturb them.

Sadly, it has been over 20 years since I have worn either that sweater or that hairstyle.... and I have yet to see Unicorns mating, but I have been around a lot of hornless equines lately. In fact, I even got to RIDE for two and half hours- two of them where on MY VERY OWN HORSE. In the last five days I have hauled my children up to Estes Park and then back home three times, with each leg of the trip adding up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Seven and a half hours of my life in the truck with two small children and fortunately only one two puking incidents- one of which I actually caught in my hand! Seven and a half hours, a snow storm, countless incoherent tourists pretending to drive and $120 in gas that I would do again in a heartbeat for that small amount of time on horseback.

No love so much....

In the teeny amount of time that I have actually been home, I have been seen scraping oatmeal off the floor, doing laundry and cleaning toilets flitting gracefully around my yard planting flowers and seeds and purifying the garden beds. Of course I have done all of this in a hand beaded gown with perfectly coiffed hair while singing angelically as birds flutter over my head and woodland creatures sit mesmerized at my feet. In no way does my singing elicit, "Stop singing MOM!" and in no way has this planting, weeding and watering produced the kind of back pain that causes my to soak my sheets with sweat and slam three Ibuprofen at 2 a.m. Nope. Princesses don't do that shiz.  Uh uh.

With that, I leave you with some deep thoughts/words of wisdom/unsolicited advice:

1. Take advantage of every good opportunity that comes your way, especially if it involves something that you are passionate about (for me that would be spending QUALITY time with my family and friends, riding horses ~in the mountains, Hugh Jackman and gardening). I like to go a step further and fully immerse myself in said good opportunity.... perhaps to the point of wallowing.


2. Put a napkin over your hand before you catch the puke.

3. Tylenol PM. Do it.

4. Horses and gardening (and capturing vomit) make your hands look like crapolla, making it a good time to take up the guitar again. It also makes you smell bad, so don't skip the shower.

5. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So the one on the right isn't MINE but I would totally take him.

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. I would take the snow. Don't get me wrong, I love the sun and green grass, but I love me some snow, too, and I missed it this past winter; we did not get near enough, but what can I say, I'm a snowbird; I grew up snowmobiling. :)

    What can we say about the '80s? Crazy sweaters and crazy hair; one decade I can't make sense of; nobody knew what they were doing, and you know what my hair used to look like! LOL! ;)

    1. I'm okay with snow in the winter. IN THE WINTER, I say!

      Your hair was hawt. So was mine. Our pegged jeans were hotter. ;p

  2. I miss Estes so much. In fact, I have a coin for a free drink at The Wheel I should send you because I don't know when I'll be back. Estes is my happy place, and I would move there in a heartbeat, tourists be damned. I have some huge changes coming up that I'll address in some blog sometime, maybe, but I am knocking on the door of being at peace, and it is so exciting!

    Speaking of fashion, I could send you photos of my wall of bangs and my super fabulous blue tortoise shell bifocals. I was sexy and I knew it. Not.

    1. No! Don't send me the coin- COME BACK and USE it while you are sitting next to me. I like that plan.

      Please send those photos, ASAP.

  3. Please pass the fairy dust!

    1. Do you want the pain killers now or later?

  4. Wow, girl. Those are some gravity defying bangs. Well done!! (This message brought to you by the 80's and Aqua Net).

    That man of yours could not be any sexier with a huge knife in his hand about to open some beers. Really, why would a girl even WANT to look at another man (ahem, Hugh Jackman, ahem)?

    1. I like how smart both Brock and I look in those pictures. So attractive too...

  5. Those bangs are HAWT! Did you wear your pegged jeans with LJ Simone flats or Vans? And please tell me you had a pair of A-Smile overalls. Oh please, oh PLEASE!!!

    1. Oh Jen, I wish, but I didn't have designer items. My high school was located in the middle of a cornfield. Literally.