Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mexicali is on my mind...

Last Thursday I ventured into my local Ft. Collins Old Navy to check out the dresses that were gifted to three lucky readers.  I not only fell in love with the dresses (I now own three colors), I was completely excited and inspired by the new Mexicali line of clothing for women. Seriously. Cute. Clothing.

I kept trying to order Tapas and Margaritas from people walking around,
but everyone just kept looking at me in a strange manner.... and no one
brought me either. What. Ever.

I have been heard mumbling lately about my pathetic summer wardrobe. Most of my summer items are at least 10 years old. While the majority of them are still in decent condition, I'm over the clothes. Let's be honest, I like fashion and I get bored easily. And also, do you know what else has aged 10 years? My post two-pregnancies body. Good times....

So I did something cRaZy. I used my 20% off coupon (ONSAVE20) and purchased some actual new items from the Old Navy Mexicali line. And, unlike what I buy at second hand stores, these items are not just new to me. The BEST part is that they are so versatile that they blend brilliantly with some of my favorite things that I have owned for years. They definitely have a beachy, ethnic vibe, but also translate very well into my personal flavor that is a mixture of Boho and country chic with a heavy dose of "comfortable". LOVE.

I brought my new summer wardrobe home, laid it all out on my bed and did what any girl would do: I called my girlfriend Sarah and asked her if she wanted to play dress up and have a photo shoot with me. Naturally she said yes.

(P.S. This is another friend Sarah, not the one that befriends colorful locals and made me do the ninja pose. I always try and keep two Sarahs and two Erins on hand, because I tend like 'em.)

To set the mood, I made lemonade (because it was the middle of the day) and poured it in margarita glasses. Then I put my sound machine on the ocean setting, grabbed some maracas and we were ready! Okay, I don't have maracas (as I have mentioned before), but I do own some cute straw hats and I donned my trademark aviator glasses.

Don't you want to party with us?
I am now ready for the heat in my cool new shorts and
 bright and breezy embroidered tops.
Have you heard that not only are bright colors all the rage,
 but also tangerine is THE color for spring?
Well, it is, and you heard it here.
Plus, it looks great on Sarah!
Plus, Sarah tells funny jokes.

Then I persuaded Sarah to try on a different outfit and that is when I realized that she looks better in my clothes than I do....

She thinks my tractor's sexy.
But seriously, this adorable skirt has pockets. POCKETS!
I love pockets! Then my hands don't alert people to
exactly what is on my mind. heh heh.

Since it is common knowledge that every woman should have a maxi dress this year, I bought one in my favorite colors of green and turquoise. Then I held up the dress to show Thing 1 and he said "That is a BIG dress!". Then I laughed and  "country chic" styled my new maxi dress with a white denim jacket, some silver and turquoise jewelry and some well-worn cowboy boots. This is the perfect look for my new profession as a dog whisperer.

The Red Dog is saying "OOOOHHHH! YESSSSS!
That is the spot!"

The Black Dog, who must have been previously owned by
Native Americans, says "Cameras steal your soul."
I disagree, but her teeth chattering tells me that she
believes this to be true.

Again, Sarah is rocking yet another adorable skirt and denim combination that is always great for summer. Don't forget to roll those sleeves, ladies! Show off the arm jewelry, whether it be bangles or tattoos or henna...

This is perfect for relaxing in the hammock!
Let's face it, anything is perfect for relaxing
in the hammock.

Look at that girl! She's going places! to a party in the gnome garden with her 80's
catalog pose!

Sarah then tried on the little black dress that was $8 yesterday, and we styled it with some bright colors for a casual summer look.

I love this picture so much.

I was at the checkout, paying for my new wardrobe when something was tugging at me. I turned around and saw that it was this navy blue gauze dress with turquoise embroidery. It honestly didn't look super appealing on the hanger, as many clothes don't, but I just had one of those feelings about it. Kind of the same feeling that I had when I met my husband and he had a mullet AND a mustache. I thought "With a little tasteful styling, this could really be SOMETHING SPECIAL." Not only did I accept the date with my now husband, I also bought the dress. Both turned out to be major winning decisions on my behalf.
And to think I almost left this adorable
dress homeless in the store. It was
so clearly meant to be with me.
It's my favorite.

Here is my new sweet frock-
countrified. Yeehaw!

Here's my husband on our first date- pre styling.
I'm so glad that I accepted this man's offer.
And I so glad that he shaved the stache and cropped the hair....
So if you want to feel like a free spirited Goddess this summer (or if you gents would like your wives to feel like free spirited Goddesses), go shop the Mexicali section at Old Navy. Or if you like your yoga pants and sweatshirts, they have those too. One stop shopping!

I could eat so much while wearing this dress and
In my mind, that is even better than yoga pants!

Happy Shopping!

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. Love your style Mrs. Like L.O.V.E it want to lick it's face repreatedly type love.

    You really do have a knack for styling. For a small town country girl, you got it goin on!
    And the poser photos are brilliant. You & your mate really know how to sell an outfit & not look like crazy whores.

    Me, well I just wear what I find on my bedroom floor. Somehow I still manage to pull of the responsible adult female look. Go me!!

    1. Gee thanks Bex! On all counts!

      I often wear what I find on the bedroom floor too- unless Brock was wearing it because then it likely has food, paint and/or drywall on it. Yummy.

  2. I love the tangerine! And that maxi dress is fabulous. I may have to do a lil' shopping this week! Now, if ON had tequila, THAT would be a one-stop shop!

    1. Right? The best part of all the clothes is that they are so freaking comfortable that I try not to say "house dress" when speaking of them. Let me know what you get! They had a REALLY cute long white skirt but I already had a similar one (that I wear all the time.)

  3. those look great .. I might have to go down to the local Old Navy and check 'em out!

    1. Thanks! I thought it was a great line for this season for sho!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. These are all great! I don't get to see a lot of stylin' people around me, so thanks for the pic descripts! My fav is Sarah's white skirt and denim jacket but all awesome outfits! Today I am wearing a purple turtle neck and khakis....thanks to our beautifully warm spring weather....NOT! Cold, gray, and stormy since Friday! Bleh!

      On a side note, I find it hilarious you posted a pre-stylin' Brock pic!

      Lookin' forward to my new dress! :)

      As you can tell, I gave in and am new to the comment blog area, bear with me! Ha!

    2. It was actually a little cold to be wearing these clothes outside this weekend, but we are a couple of tough Iowan gals, so we made it work! ha!

      I'm so excited that Brock picked your name. Feel free to imagine him pulling your name out of the hat while wearing the mustache/mullet combo.

      Great comment. ***** <<< that is my five star comment rating.

  5. I really enjoy your blog, so I’ve nominated you for the for the Sunshine Award! See Thanks and congratulations!

    1. Thanks so much!!! I'll go check it out!

  6. Those are adorable pieces. I could almost believe the background was white mexican sand and turquiose waters, and not your farm!! You look smokin' hot in those getups! And holy legs and arms on you, babe! Wrestling Thing 1 & 2 must be good for conditioning. :)

    1. I couldn't resist the clothes. I WISH that I was wearing them in Mexico! And thanks for the compliment- I've been feeling very 'meh' lately so I do appreciate it. It is residual muscle from being worked like a man through my childhood. Good times. My favorite memories are the ones were I was mistaken for a boy. Yes, that is plural. That is also probably why I buy so many shoes now....

  7. Can't do the maxi-dress thing. I know it's trendy, but it makes me think back to early childhood days when I wore one all the time. There's no going back. There just isn't.

    But when I get a new job, I'm totally going shopping!

    1. It took me YEARS to wear pink again after being dressed in it for the majority of my childhood ("Oh! She has blond hair and blue eyes! Let's put her in PINK!) The thing is, I can't deny that the color looks good on me, especially in the form of a martini.