Friday, March 30, 2012

Boys will be boys

It was mentioned to me that my last post was too long, to which I replied, "Did you at least watch the shoessssssss video??? Because THAT is magical."

But, because I'm a people pleaser, I'll keep it short today, and in staying with the short theme, I would like to talk about the short people (or Gremlins) that live with me.

Here they are! Aren't they precious with their matching trucks?

My parents like to shop at antique stores and I always ask if these rusted metal trucks come with a tetanus shot. But of course, the boys love them and they are among the distinguished few items that they have not destroyed. This list of items that they HAVE demolished include most of their plastic toys and also many many things that belong to me that they were never supposed to touch. And I don't like people messing with my stuff. Just ask Brock what happened the last time he borrowed my shoes.....

So today, I went to turn on my hose so that I could water my flowers. Yes, it is March. But I'm in Colorado. You may have heard about the giant and devastating forest fire?

So I grab my watering nozzle thingamajiggy and this happens:
Um.... I think we might be missing a part. I wonder who removed it......

And now I need to buy a new sprayer. Let's add that to the list of 'things Johi needs to replace'. By the way, My Brain is on that list somewhere....
So there it is- only one of the many reasons that I drink wine from a box.

That is sheer and utter DELIGHT on my face.

The end.

How's that for short, Miss Kate?

Peace out mother truckers,


  1. Wow. That IS sheer delight! That pretty much sums up my face every single solitary night at the dinner table. But with more yelling. And less hose.

    By the way . . . you look sexy holding that spraying hose. Just saying. :)

    Happy weekend. Stay unburned! At least you are ready for any fires coming your way. I think the fire may turn around and run the other way if they see that look!

  2. You are AWESOME! LOVE the photo of you holding the hose.

    Happy Weekend!

    BTW, Miss Kate can bite it, because I lerve lerve lerved your last post.

  3. I agree yesterday was gold.
    Today is very cute, too. I remember those old trucks!

  4. Why do you ALWAYS look so damned cute?? You're out watering plants with a necklace and earrings on?
    I feel so inadequate in my sweatpants and XXL t-shirt.
    June freakin Cleaver.

  5. My question is: Were you holding the sprayer thingy in the correct watering manner when you turned the water on and did it spray you directly in the face?

    Sorry a laugh at that thought just escaped me, please excuse me. I would of loved to see that. lol. Sorry.

    1. That's totally what I was thinking. But your Charlie's Angels mom pic makes up for any wettage you may have experienced.

  6. We have several of those trucks in my parents' basement. No tetanus shots required.

  7. I make that same exact face sometimes at my students. They usually slowly back away from me apologizing. It's a useful face!

  8. I remember my brothers had trucks like that. I was so jealous because all I had was a doll, which I threw out the window to the dog who chewed it up.

  9. The list of things that need to be replaced. Mine is a long list. Want to share a boxed wine and see compare lists?

  10. We had tons of those metal toys around the farm growing up. *fondmemorysigh*