Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tunes for You on this Fine Sunday

One of my buddies posted a video on facebook. I literally could sit and watch it over and over, but I made myself get up and do laundry.
Then I listened to/watched the original and I decided that I am completely in love with both of them so I'm generously sharing them both.

The brilliant original first....

And the awesome cover....

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. omg. the cover is phenomenal!!!!! love, love...

  2. Wow, that was one of those 'small world' moments - my friend sent me the cover version just yesterday. I had no idea it was a cover but thought the guitar thing was incredible. The original was great too, once it got going it reminded me of a lot of 80's and early 90's British electro-pop. And thanks ever so much for the peace and love, which I return tenfold. I also return your unicorn, which has crapped all over my garden, eaten some curtains and punctured my fish tank with it's horn.

  3. That cover has gone viral man. And I agree it's friggin brill. The girl singing in the original is from lil old NZ. Her name is Kimbra & I heart her.

    It's Monday here in Hobbit country. And I'ma hatin' on that Monday beast. 4 hours of work to go them I'm gona go rage it out at the gym.

    Saw a recipe for Unicorn Poop cookies on Pinterest the other day & so thought of you my lady love.

    Hope the weekend has stroked you nicely. Bx

  4. Phenomenal. I had never heard of that song or the band. Love them and the cover.

  5. That is awesome. Thanks, Johi, for making my life a little better on this fine Monday where I nearly turned myself in to the police lest I kill one of my children.

    Disclaimer: if I do kill one of my children, this does not constitute the "aforethought" in "murder aforethought." If I did do it, there would be no thought involved.

  6. SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!! MY NEW FAVORITE! And now, added to my bucket list: play one guitar with four of my friends.

  7. @Tex- Isn't it great???
    @Assassin- I'll talk to the unicorns for you because that is some damn unacceptable behavior. Give someone magic dust and slap a horn on their skull and they think the rules don't apply...
    @Bex- Kimbra's voice is kind of magical.... like unicorn poop cookies.
    @Brett- Glad that you liked it! Yay!
    @Wag- All of my blog comments are excluded from any and all police investigations. Glad the music picked you up.
    @Phoenix- I'd be happy to play one guitar by myself, but that looks cool too!