Thursday, January 5, 2012

I joined Pinterest and Polyvore today. I'm officially useless. And obsessed.

I've done nothing other than play on the magical world of the Internet today.
Okay, so that is only partially true. It was in the 60's and GORGEOUS here today and we were outside, getting the freshness. I hosted a play date at my house with two girlfriends and seven children. As the chillens played, we cleaned up dog poo, took down the Christmas decorations that were outside, picked up my new glasses (because our men arrived to 'watch' the munchkins), prepared an impromptu (and delicious, if I do say so myself) dinner for five adults and five children, and bathed almost half of that group; but other than that I spent an inordinate amount of time dicking around on my new found loves: Pinterest and Polyvore. Someone stop me. I was so obsessed this morning that when my friend showed up for a preplanned play date around 10:30, I was in my bathrobe, sweating and staring with glassy, white lashed eyes at my laptop. I may have been drooling. I was all "Get over here and look at this!!" She was all, "I have to pee so bad that my children are still strapped in their carseats!"
 I assure you, nothing says "Welcome to my home!" like the sight of me without makeup and holding my coffee cup while in my pj's. And, as if you hadn't figured it out, I hadn't showered either.
Behold! The glorious sunrise.... er... sunset? on a bountiful field of wheat..... er... barley? Forget it, just look at the CLOTHES.
Drive through the country

Drive through the country by johi-kokjohn-wagner featuring orange scarves

Don't you want to wear this and take a drive through the country though? Preferably in the spring or fall?

Wait! Don't go! I made more outfits that are out of my price range! Staaaayyyyy.... my pretty.
Book Club and Wine with the Gals
This, of course, is for Book Club with my gals.

Night Out without Children
This one requires Brock, martinis, an art opening and a babysitter.
That is my favorite perfume by the way,
in case anyone was ever low on a gift idea for me.

So, as you can see, I have been extremely busy today looking at pretty things with selfless altruistic efforts.... I wish I could tell you how to follow me on those two sights, but alas, I am sort of a moron and have not a friggin' clue. Maybe you smart people could look me up? Hook me up? I'm confused....

Anyhoo, on to more important things... like giving in to the harassing demands of Phoenix Rising and posting a picture of myself in my new glasses (and I had my hair cut too, but that was yesterday and I slept on it and didn't wash it because my friend was waiting for me out in my yard and watching five kids alone and I felt guilty. So today it was kind of like leftover french fries).

wait for it......

wait for it.....

Do I look smart?
It doesn't matter- I only wear them for night driving, the movies
and on days when I'm too exhausted to focus clearly.

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. You are one sexy smart bitch! And also completely hysterical with your wardrobe creation obsession. I have yet to succumb to those sights. I don't even wanna visit, so don't make me. I fear a soul sucking experience which I will never escape from. I will not go to the dark side, thank you very much!

  2. You look fantastic, and I love your outfits! People can just "follow" your individual boards on Pinterest. I'll look you up.

  3. LOVE the book club outfit (I think I could pull that off... hmmm) ---- Pinterest is a HUGE addiction of mine, but has led me to some EASY homemade gifts for Christmas and some kick ass recipes :)

  4. You'll be my personal shopping guru once I drop some ton-age and marry rich. Or....steal my current husband's Amex. Details Details. I love the outfits you picked out, and if only my hair looked like that instead of something the Exxon Valdez left behind after not washing it, I'd be one happy lady. Jealous!
    (dinner was spectacular spectacular)

  5. OK, I was fine with Pinterest...meh...did nothing for me, but WHY DID YOU TELL ME ABOUT POLYVORE!!!! I was up until 1am last night virtual shopping with my imaginary Visa Gold Card. I am now exhausted but fictionally well-dressed. :)

    PS: Have you discovered Dress your favorite celeb paper dolls in haute couture. Now excuse me, but Jessica Alba isn't going to don her Marchese gown by herself...

  6. Oh snap! Now you'll have to find me on Pinterest! Luvandkiwi

  7. I LOVE those glasses (and the phrase "dicking around!" It's no wonder I like you so much!).

    I have never even heard of Polyvore - probably because I have little to no fashion sense - but I've been wondering about Pinterest. I shouldn't though because it's not like I need ANOTHER potential time-sucker!

  8. I've been doing Polyvore for almost two years now because I'm addicted to all the virtual free clothing PLUS you can make art sets.
    And I also joined Pinterest because I got so many pretty pictures to use on Polyvore.
    It's addictive. It's all addictive. At least you managed to accomplish something else during the day. I cannot usually, if ever, make that particular claim.

  9. I'm sorry that I can't reply to comments right now. I'm in a design coma. (I mean, I'm taking down Christmas decorations and doing super useful things....)

  10. I want those boots/satchel combo in the first pic so hard it hurts.

    Maybe it's because I've spent the last two months in dirty flip flops and carrying a plastic Safeway bag around.

  11. The mental imagery is perfect. I am still crying a little from the laughter.

  12. Lookin good mama!
    And thank you, just wasted half my day fucking around on Polyvore! What did people do before the internet? They must have read books or talked to each other or something...

  13. D'oh! I discovered Pinterest about two weeks ago and have spent waay too many hours neglecting my baby in favor of planning my wedding and amassing a huge collection of sewing projects I will never get to.