Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Third Day of Christmas

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬  On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me.... a crate in which to put my baby.... er... I mean the baby's toys.♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

The toy storage situation in this house leaves a lot to be desired. I have a charming picture in my head of how the toys should look. Something along the lines of cute matching containers, preferably baskets or metal bins, that are all clearly labeled so that we know where things go when we are singing the 'Clean Up' song. I imagine the toys in my house to be stored like this:

Image from gosimplysavvy.com
 Instead, I have a bunch of mismatched baskets and bins that only hold toys if I put them inside of them (then promptly set them on a shelf that is out of reach of the Things). We were a bit short on containers since the mega-gift opening happened here, so Brock went out (with out my approval) and picked up some containers for things. Giant containers (not of the charming tin or basket variety) that won't fit anywhere but the center of the room. Then a miracle occurred! My husband actually picked everything up and placed it in the bins..... I know. I almost crapped myself too.

It didn't last long, as this is what the big bin has been used for today:

First: Right side up with Toys + Thing 2.

Second: On end with no toys, only Thing 2.

Then: The Magic Show!
Toys on the floor and Thing 2 still inside.

Lastly: Note how the big bin is empty, yet there are toys, clothes and food everywhere,
including underneath the now empty storage bin.
Ta-Dah! The reality of  storage ala Johi's house.

Hey, I can't be expected to clean everyday- especially today, with an injury sustained PRIOR to coffee consumption. Hell, I can barely type this. You see, I stabbed myself between the knuckles with a knife when trying to open a fricken fracken DVD shrink wrap. HEY PEOPLE WHO SHRINK WRAP CD'S AND DVD'S: HOW ABOUT A FUCKING PULL-TAB?????

I think the cute bracelet that my mom got for me really distracts from the
clearly professional tape job. Don't you?

That is all.

Peace, Love and Tidy Spaces,

P.S. I realize that at 19 months, Thing 2 is officially a toddler, but I'm done having crotchlings so as far as I'm concerned, he is and will always be 'the baby'.



  1. the charming picture in MY head shows the little ones only playing with toys that go together...like legos with legos, cars with the garage, and they would always be put away promptly when finished with. so far that has never happened...

  2. store-purchased playhouses are completely unnecessary....those plastic tubs make for the awesomest hideouts ever. Especially the see-through ones, because they're just....ironic.

    Babe, please be careful-er. Your hands are too pretty to be all f'ed up. =)

  3. little kid magic shows are awesome. My daughter puts them on all the time. They always start like this

    "Im gonna make this thing disappear! Close your eyes for a minute daddy....TADAAAA!!!!"

    best show money can buy!

  4. I've decided to simply let the clutter overtake my home until they call in an interventionist from "Hoarders". . .why fight it?

  5. I have bins that everything gets thrown in, then they get pushed to the outskirts of the room & taadaa! Clean room! Ok, not really, but good enough for gov't work! My house is in a constant state of disarray. I so know how you feel, babe.

  6. @Rachel- Ah yes, the glorious image of organized play. I like that one too.
    @Elizabeth- I vow never again to use a knife before coffee.
    @Pappatigga- I too love it when my children attempt to entertain me for a change! Plus they tend to be all cute and stuff....
    @Jen- I look around my place and feel like that sometimes. Then I have to overcome the urge to burn everything....
    @Misty- clearing a space through the center is how all the professional cleaners do it, right?