Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Announcing the WINNER!!!!!

I was so excited about selecting one of my awesome readers as a WINNER to last week's Old Navy sponsored giveaway that I popped out of bed at 5:45 a.m.!

Actually, Brock was snoring, then his clock radio started playing music (I blame Thing 2, aka, The Gremlin) which he didn't hear so I was laying there listening to him snort and loud breathe while Karen Carpenter was singing and I was feeling all annoyed and ready to kill and then I remembered! It's time to pick the WINNER! So I sprang out of bed and sprinted to the coffee pot, only to be greeted by the darling Red Dog with her monkey impression.*

*That is a mostly true story.

SO, WHO IS IT??? You ask.....
Who gets to wear this adorable shirt? (I hope they pair it with those grey shoes and that owl necklace, just saying......)


Did anyone see Glee last night?

I only have the one sister but I like to mention that she is older, especially since that random douche canoe thought that I was HER MOTHER.
Happy thoughts, Johi.... happy thoughts......

Happy Birthday Sissy! Love you! And now I will show your picture to the entire Internet!!!! muahahaha!

The hotness.
Geez- some one's been working out again....
Do you all remember my Halloween costume? Great minds obviously think alike. And I'm pretty sure she and I have properly frightened our father until the end of time. Super Sister Powers- ACTIVATE!

That's my imaginary BROOM, people.
Somehow sissy pulled off "sexy witch"
far better than I did. Shocking.
Maybe it was the lack of the mullet wig?
I don't know- I guess it will remain a mystery....

Oh, sorry....the contest.....



Congratulations Amy!
 It looks like Santa will be bringing you a little
something extra this year!
Thanks for reading and commenting!
And look at how pretty you are!

I'll contact you and get your address so that I can follow you home and smell your hair ship you the prize! Yay Amy!

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. See..told you. Never.Win.Anything.

    Congrats, Amy!

  2. Congrats Amy! We'll be twins because I'm totally hitting up Old Navy now. :)

  3. I seriously think this may be my favorite blog post of all time...not just yours but of ever! I don't know why but I could just see you giddy and happy with the excitement of tourmenting your loving fans by makeing them wait! xoxo!

  4. Merry Christmas to me!! OH YEAH!!

    Thank you so much.....for the shirt....not for posting a giant head shot of me on your blog . J/k. Sort of. :)
    And for the record, this is my first blog giveaway win ever. So you have now made a believer out of me!!
    I will wear the shirt very proudly and tell all that compliment me (because I just know they will) where it came from.

    Thanks Johi!

  5. congrats to the winner... I'm totally jealous!

    I DID see Glee last night.. it started off good.. then got a little weird.. and then ended well with an awesome Christmas message of giving back and charity.

  6. 'Glee' creeped me out last night. To quote my friend Max: "That whole black and white thing was like watching 'The Brady Bunch' on peyote."

  7. @Jinny- You are supposed to give yourself daily affirmations! Stuff like "I AM A WINNER!" and "Chocolate is good for me!"

    @Lalig- Yay! Post a picture!

    @Sarah- THanks!Except I was writing it before 7 am so giddy wasn't in my vocabulary. Messing with people however, always is ...

    @Erin- I know you are all ticked that you didn't win.... lol!

    @Amy- You're gorgeous and that is a great picture, so I will not apologize. NO I WON'T! But seriously, CONGRATS!!!! I spoke with Freda today and she will ship it tomorrow. Also, it is exchangable at any Old Navy if it doesn't suit you!

    @Jaime- I fell asleep after the b & w part started so I need to finish watching it on the DVR.

    @Jen- maybe I don't want to finish it....

  8. Congrats Amy!Once again another great post.

  9. Damn! Maybe I should have offered sexual favors...would that have upped my chances????!! :( boo hoo...guess all i"m getting for xmas is a new baby and ruined body! Love ya lady!

  10. Whoa, your parents turned out some beautiful lookin ladies.

    Happy Birthday to you sis. She's got a good berfday.

  11. From one hot witch to another....merry Christmas. Hope your Things are better behaved than mine. XX

  12. I have to check in more often, wouldn't mind winning some new clothes! Thanks for sopping by my blog!