Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Life is This Exciting.

Conversations with and around my four year old, otherwise known as Thing 1.

*Thing 2 is shrieking. Again. It is clear that he is pleased with his volume and pitch. I decide it is time to take action before he becomes a menace to society.*

Me to Thing 2, "Do I need to put you in time out?"


*The Things and I are playing with blocks. Thing 1 and I are building and Thing 2 is playing the part of Babyzilla. The scattering of blocks is violent, frequent and obviously filling him with glee.*

Thing 1 looks at me and says, "Maybe you should put the baby down to sleep...."

*The Things and I are eating lunch. Thing 2 is "using" his spoon and dumping soup down his overalls. Thing 1 is nibbling on his sandwich like a squirrel eating an Oreo. I finished two bowls of soup and was cutting myself a brownie for dessert.*

Me to Thing 1, "I ate all of my lunch so I am having a brownie. If you eat all of yours, you can have one too."

Thing 1, "You must be a really big girl!"




  1. LOL! you do have a rollercoaster ride every flippin' day...

  2. To be so young and already have such talent with words, be proud lol.

  3. I love that Thing 1 calls Jim "the baby." It sounds so...droll.

  4. *him*

    Now I am trying to imagine a baby named Jim.

  5. If I could only remember all the things that he says, good thing I write a few of them down. I am afraid of Thing 2 starting to talk.... he is truly a piece of work!

  6. Oh wow! Kids can really kill the self esteem!

  7. If my son called me a 'big girl' I'd smack his ass and eat his sandwich. I've trained my boys since birth to tell me how fabulous I look. Shameless, but true.