Friday, September 2, 2011

More Love for You and I

A poem* for my Brock, on our anniversary:

On this day, 6 years ago, you married me.
We laughed and loved, we danced until 3.
It was the best day of my life,
the day I officially became your wife.

It was just us, you and I,
There, as two, we began our ride,
We threw parties and took vacations,
we became parents! (goodbye parties and vacations) which filled us with pride.
It also transformed us with new worry and stress.
Oh how one baby made me feel like a mess!

....And no sleep doesn't help either.

But we learned a different kind of love and sacrifice,
for the baby we didn't know we needed for all of our lives.
We bonded in a new way, with mutual adoration,
over a tiny baby boy, filled with fascination.
We learned greater patience and empathy,
in our little log house made for three.

The economy crashed, times became rough.
Your business was slow, marriage is tough.
Just then, with great timing, along came another boy,
With his laughter and tiny feet and our house full of toys.
With his easy smiles and twinkling eyes,
we found ourselves laughing in the hardest of times.

The cat died, the horses are gone, for that we feel sorrow,
But with hope and hard work, there will be brighter tomorrows.
Here we will thrive, kids and gardens growing tall,
We focus on the happy, we relish in the small.
Mixed in with many joys, we've had sadness and strife.
But when we stand side by side, I know we can conquer this life.

You and I.

The years have changed us, that much is true.
We are older. We lack sleep. Yet I still love you.
For the past years, I thank you and offer my hand,
so we can move forward, together, in more love.
There will also be cookies. It will be grand.

Love, Johi

*I'm obviously not a poet.

I dedicate this song to Year Number Six~ "the year of more love...and more money too, because that would be nice."

I love you.
Happy Anniversary Brock. Thank you for walking beside me in this journey.

Love Wins.

Photo from the first year of our marriage by Dennis Line


  1. Happy anniversary! Great picture!

  2. happy 6th anniversary! and many, many more!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! This is the sweetest post ever. :) And I LOVE the song. And you both look adorable and happy and way too good for the whole lack of sleep part. Keep spooning! And laughing together. That's the secret right there: spooning and laughing.

  4. Thanks guys! And @Phoenix- We look rested because that picture is 6 years old- from the time before children! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! Best wishes for many years of awesomeness for your family. :)

  6. Happy Anniversary you two crazy kids! Here's to many more years together :)

  7. Two super good looking people procreating. Attagirl.