Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why Me?

Thing 2 has taken to yelling "DADA" at every man we pass when we are in public. He sometimes even leans towards them, arms out like he is saying "hold me!". I smile nervously and shrug. It is kind of like having a dog that humps every other dog at the dog park, causing the owner to mumble things like "I don't know where she learned that."..... oh yeah, I had one of those too.

I don't like these sorts of subliminal messages.

I hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Sounds better than my Monster who literally screams as if being murdered the entire time we go into any public place. I am not even kidding. He just screams and adds in an occasional "I said stop hitting", "I want juice", and "uppies mommy". We will all starve now because I can no longer go into a grocery store.

  2. I'm sorry. Thing 2 had recently become a screamer as well, and he has taken to throwing his body on the ground and crawling backwards when he is angry or frustrated. I feel this will be a winning combination at the grocery store sometime in my future.
    BTW, the "I said stop hitting" line seems like the work of an evil genius. Too awesome for words.