Tuesday, August 23, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things!

As I am sitting here, staring at a blinking cursor, I realize that I have nothing interesting to say.

At all.

So instead of talking about something "interesting", I will tell you about my "favorite" things. *And now we are all singing our best Julie Andrews version of the song.*

I'm presenting this to you in the form of a list, because I am Type A. I'm fun like that.

Johi's Favorite Things (as of August 23, 2011):

1. Hugs and (food-free) kisses from any of my guys.

2. Any form of "I love you" or "You're the best _____ (mom, wife, cook. etc.) ever."

3. Coffee with Soy milk in the morning, in Eleanor, while I read my favorite blogs.

4. Light summer breezes mingling around my bare legs and blowing the hair from the nape of my neck. I love summer. Almost as much as I love fall, with its crisp air and changing leaves and my boots. I love boots.

5. Gardens. Gardening, flowers, vegetables, greenhouses, gnomes. Green stuff that is blooming and healthy and abundant and tiny little bearded men watching. Wait. That sounded weird.

6. Great design. Clean, yet warm and inviting. Nice use of color and textiles. Surprising and unique, yet perfect!

7. Space planning. I'm obsessed. I love to work out the "flow" of a house. I also love Feng Shui. So many homes need help.... I'm For Hire!

8. Fluffy haired dogs and kittens, the kind you bury your fingers into and grit your teeth while petting. (ie: red dog)

9. Wright's bacon, Dove chocolate, almost any fresh fruit, sunflower butter and Chock Full O' Nuts coffee. Savory, sweet, comforting.... I love food.

10. Watching Thing 2 walk/run. He moves really fast on the bottom and his upper body stays still. He looks like a Flinstone.

11. Watching/listening to Thing 1 play. (as long as it isn't shooting noises). His dialogue in his play is adorable and so creative.

12. Tearing down and rebuilding things with Brock. We are a good team that way.

13. Money. Come on, we all love money. With money, I can travel, get a gym membership, buy awesome clothes and shoes, get massages and buy the expensive bacon.

14. Anything that involves laughing, especially laughing so hard that you cry. I like making other people laugh, too.

15. Quiet time for reading, drawing, thinking, breathing and/or yoga.

16. Horses. Being on the back of a horse is almost as good as meditation for me (I would imagine, as I don't actually meditate.)

17. Date Night, Girl's Night or an evening walk.

18. The mountains. There is a smell of fresh air and pine trees and earth that only comes from the mountains. It is nostalgic and comforting and freeing.

19. As much as I love the blue skies and sunshine that Colorado is famous for, I also love a good rainy day; one where I can be tucked inside my cozy home with the people I love, a movie, some games and a good book.

20. A glass of red wine at the end of the day, in Eleanor, while I watch reality TV, or better yet, Castle, with Brock.

I heart you so....

What are your favorite things?


  1. are you for hire as in for free? because I could email you a pic and get your input on my living room arrangement now that I sold my old buffet yesterday! : )

  2. i love Eleanor too. :)

    this was nice. loved finding more of your faves...

  3. I need an Eleanor in my life...has to be green, too!

  4. It is my goal in life to get an Eleanor. And then I will hire you to design my space around her. (It's an awkward space.) I'll pay you in Dove Chocolate and fluffy haired kittens.

  5. I too enjoy fluffy haired kittens and dogs! One other of my favorite things is a blog called Confessions of a Corn Fed Girl. :0)

  6. @Rachel- It seems that eveything I do is for free, so why not?
    @Tex- It was to make up for my extreme bitchiness yesterday. Been feeling a little stressed....
    @Tish- Because green is the best color ever!
    @Phoenix- Three words: Habitat for Humanity.
    @Tina- Thank you. I'm serious.

  7. So, what you're saying is...ahem...
    Raindrops and Elinor and big fluffy kittens,
    Snoflakes on nothing but in fall you're smitten.
    Bacon and chocolate and marital teams,
    These are a few of your favorite things.
    When the kids scream,
    And no Feng Shui
    Gives you enough peace...
    You simply remember your last red wine bender
    And then you will feeeeeel at ease.

  8. @Allie- I am bowing to your song writing genius. You made my day.