Friday, August 26, 2011


Who doesn't love a make-over? ....Well, maybe a few people (like most men) but not me! I love them. The "before" and "after" shots, the renewed style and rejuvenated self-esteem!

Make-overs are awesomesauce.

In fact, I love them so much that I actually hatched a plan to nominate myself for What Not To Wear and start dressing like a bag lady from 1980, just in case someone is secretly filming me.

Wait, I do that anyway.

Yesterday was a special day. I had the distinct pleasure of leaving the house in the middle of the day (without my screeching wonderful Things) and get my hair cut and colored by a PROFESSIONAL. It was such a fabulous experience that I almost "got lost" on the drive home.

Here is the obligatory "before" picture. I was sad, as all people seem to be in their "before" pictures. I needed help. *Just remember, you non-blond people wishing you were blond: most blonds look like they have the stomach flu when they aren't wearing make-up. Blond is merely another word for "white eyelashes".


I weep when I look at baby kittens, that is how
sad I feel because of my intense ugliness and low self-esteem.

Then I arrived home to my shrieking and misbehaving precious Things, and I posed for my "after" picture.  So much better, don't you think?


I feel joyful.

Then I went outside, where I found that Thing 1 had dumped 567 chunks of sidewalk chalk all over my overpriced and coveted patio cushions, but I felt so good about my new look that I cleaned with gusto and glee!

Plus, I really like these shoes.

And surprise! There is Red Dog... with... what is that? Oh YES, THE BALL.
 Then I looked at the garage and cried a little....
 No, I didn't ride the broom anywhere. I reserve that activity for Halloween.

Here is my real "after" picture: with my new hair cut, color weave, a little make-up slathered on my head, my grandmother's jewelry and a cute dress that I picked up for $19.99 a few years ago. What do you think? I really do feel better. It is amazing what a little effort can do for a gal.

Smear a little make-up on your face and little happy around you today!

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. LOVE IT!!! Isn't Professional Escape the best? I was a "hair model" a few times during some Redkin hair shows - they give you makeovers, and you have no say whatsoever as to what they'll do to you. Somewhere in this vast world is a Redkin hairstyle book with me sporting a black pixie cut with bright pink hair sticking straight up like three huge peacock feathers.

  2. And that is why I love my hair dresser! My appointment is tomorrow and then me and the girls are attending the theater.

  3. I love you Johi for posting that before shot. The stunned look in the after shot is equally priceless.

  4. I like the new do! Before picture is priceless. I am a makeover show addict ... people, homes, anything.

  5. Beautiful. I shuttered and had to look away at first but I found the courage to keep going and your "after" was so worth the wait! You know I love you, right? ;)

  6. blonde is just another word for white eyelashes... ha ha ha!

  7. LOL!! I have "white lashes" too. And yes, we do look sickly w/o makeup!! I tip my hat to you...I would never post a "before" shot. I don't even really like my hubby to see me in my "before" mode. Ewww!!!! I'm a need makeup and hair done kind of gal...I've never been able to pull off the "wash and go" look!!

  8. You look fabulous! A little spit and shine goes along way.

  9. I love the sad and depressing "before" pic. Classic classic before pic. Also ADORE the necklace.

  10. I want to be that happy when I have a broom in my hand. look friggin awesome, girl!

  11. You're super pretty. Will you go out with me?