Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beware of the Puffy-Eyed Dragon.

Yesterday I was awakened by Thing 1 yelling something from the other end of the house.

I stumbled out of bed and blindly followed his voice.

As I got closer I could hear the melodious "MOM! I need a WIPE!"

Music to my ears.

When I came to his rescue he looked at me, in all the glory of my "I woke up less than 30 seconds ago" state and gasped "Mommy! What is wrong with you???"


I said "I just woke up buddy. This is what I look like in the morning."

I hope that I didn't scar him for life.

P.S. I'm getting my hair done (not by Brock!) tomorrow. I feel a make-over post in the near future....

P.P.S. It was awesome to log onto facebook to discover that I had three less "friends" yesterday, because that makes a person feel fabulous. "OMG! Someone doesn't like me. Not just someone, but three people, all in one day!" Sometimes I hate social networking. Thing is: I have no clue what three they are..... I guess I'll be fine.


  1. Probably mothers who can be defined as pretentious dickwads, that read your post about not being pretentious dickwads.

    BTW was there an earthquake in Colorado? You are in Colorado, yes?

    My friend went home and asked her husband 'Did you hear about the earthquake today?' He responded 'the one in Colorado?'.

  2. @Tina- Blahaha. You are probably spot on.
    There was no earthquake here... to my knowldege. I thought it was the east coast? I didn't watcht the news yesterday.
    @Rachel- *fist pump*
    Yeah! I would rather die alone.... ;P

  3. Oh, I feel ya. I'm a train wreck in the morning. Stringy hair, puffy eyes, and bad skin. Hey, at least it scares me awake.

  4. I will step up my posting commentary and make-up for the lost 3. They didn't do much anyway.

    If you do a make-over post, does that mean you'll include the early AM before picture?

  5. @Lauren- I feel you. I scare myself awake daily.
    @Phoenix- Lost comments? boo.
    And yes, I am considering know, for comedy. I'll almost do anything for comedy.

  6. You too?! I've been bleeding friends left and right. You know what's even worse? When you click on the "people you may know" button and see people who secretly unfriended you. Um, awesome.

  7. @Elizabeth- Feels great, huh? Like someone slipped the tiniest bit of poison into your coffee.

  8. I actually had a friends husband unfriend me. Turns out I met her through him in college. The husband and I went to high school together! I've known him longer and she's still my friend. Weird right? (Please says yes, otherwise I don't know what my ego will do)

    Also please post a picture of yourself in the morning and I will post my morning surfer hair.

  9. @Sari- He is obviously weird (not in a fabulous way). My morning self is so scary. So so so scary... I'll probably do it.

  10. I try not to pay attention to the number of friends I have just for this reason. I feel my poor fragile ego could not bear the rejection.

    Also, side note . . . I just linked to you from Flourish in Progress and have to say that having that cow stare at me as I peruse your blog is quite disconcerting. It doesn't seem that the rooster is a problem though. Wonder why that is? Maybe I'm anti-bovine. Never knew that about myself until now. Huh.

  11. That is Bessie. She likes you. If she could, she would "friend" you on facebook.
    Personally, roosters scare the poo out of me. But I am slowly desensitizing myself through this one on my right. His name is Sheila. He is a cross dresser. Maybe that is why he isn't so frightening....