Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Invention #421

When I went to open the back door the other day, I discovered this:

It is a plastic knife. Don't panic.
 Clearly, this has Thing 1 written all over it, so I found him and his lovely assistant and inquired about the significance of this handy contraption.

Here they are giving me a detailed description of the
"shooter thing", complete with explosive sound effects
that little boys are so good at creating.
I think I need to get [the kids] out of the house more.


  1. Good job Thing 1. I like how Red Dog is so interested!

  2. imagination is a good thing! :)

  3. Red Dog and THing 1 are quite the team!

  4. Wait. I have a boy. Do all boys do this? I kind of have a light case of OCD. I don't like things out of their places. Also, I don't want to get shot if I try to leave the house.

  5. If Red Dog could talk, do you think he'd have some explosive sounds to add as well? lol

  6. my money is on this- in the next ten years, he will end up building/inventing something that makes a fajillion dollars.

  7. @Phoenix- Just wait. It is coming. It is in their boy DNA.
    @Brandy- Red Dog does talk. She speaks monkey.
    @Elizabeth- That sounds great. Sign him up!