Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hot Summer Fashion to Keep You Cool.

I typically keep my summer wardrobe simple. I only have two requirements. It needs to; 1) be comfortable and 2) keep me cool. That is why I am typically seen in shorts, a tank top and flip flops. I like to accessorize with bug bites and my cop sunglasses.

Every once in a great while I leave the house, the garden, and all the yard work, and I venture out into that scary and unfamiliar territory called civilization. I usually shower and wash my hair for this activity. *usually. For this sort of public display, I favor wearing dresses and sandals that I found on a sale rack somewhere and are at least 2-15 seasons out of date. Whatever. I put this ensemble on to go to Target and Thing 1 gasped, "You look like a PRINCESS" so I say success! Although... he thinks that if you eat black watermelon seeds that a watermelon plant will grow out of your ears.

It is important to match your dress to the dog water
bucket. I think I paid $5 for this 3 years ago. I like it.
It shows off my 12-year old boy chest. The dog bucket
was more expensive than the dress...
 Here are a few examples of other things that I have been seen wearing in public during the hot summer months:

Fourth of July outfit. Accessorize with fire.
Your local Target has this dress on sale right now.
Go. Buy. We can be united in our tableclothishness.

I like margaritas. Look how happy they make me.
Yes, I am in a bar... on a swing.
Dress found on sale in Old Town last year? Shoes
from Target, also last year on sale. LOVE these shoes.
The bag (the handbag, not me) is from ~7 years ago,
 on sale, from Express.
 You don't need to spend a lot of money to look presentable, as long as you aren't concerned with high quality garments or being current with fashion! (This is coming from a woman who makes her husband cut her hair.) I find killer deals all the time at the end of each season, but the best are in February and March. I say-Use those deals to snag more out of date stuff for your wardrobe! It's a great idea!

Remember, the most important part of any outfit is to feel good. Part of that "feeling of goodness" comes from well-fitting undergarments. If they don't fit properly, major issues can arise, like the one that did for my friend when we were walking down the street in Old Town Fort Collins over the weekend. During the course of one of our many brilliant conversations, she said, "I passed lady-like when I threw my underwear in the trashcan." The trashcan event had only happened moments earlier, on the same people-crowded street in downtown. My friends rock.

Don't fall victim to bad elastic, people.

You should really listen to me. My horoscope said that I am a narcissist who knows what I am are talking about:
February 19 - March 20
You might think you're the most intelligent person in the world. You hover over the notions that bind us. You're transformed into an artist who's able to have great ideas. Remember that geniuses always think big. Today you're one of them. Your ideas could help others.
DAILY TIP*: So yes, buy good underwear. And if you buy cotton, buy a size larger than you normally wear. They shrink. You're welcome.

*I use the word "daily" loosely, as I post these about once every 4 months.

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. Your summer wardrobe is super fab. You are super fab.

  2. @texwisgirl- I tip my hat to you.
    @Flooze- I heart you. Like in that <3 way that doesn't work on here. A lot. So much that I would even spell it "alot". I know.

  3. All my cute shoes come from Target. Those I get the most compliments on are always from Target. Love that store.

    And here is my Target shoe shopping "Daily" tip: if you think they are out of your size, get down on your hands and knees and look UNDER the shelving. Yes, you may look like a crazy person but I promise you the rewards of finding the last box of shoes in YOUR size under there are worth it.

  4. @Jinny- GOOD TO KNOW. And I have no problem with looking like a crazy person.

  5. Love your summer dresses!!! And of course the shoes.


  6. I love summer dresses. But I hate the way the flesh my thighs sometimes sweat and then stick together. I'm always afraid people will hear them unsticking when I stand up. So I always try to coordinate talking REALLY LOUD just as I begin to stand, you know, just in case.

  7. We could totally rock the out-of-style fashion show together! AND I had no idea you were a pisces!! Me too...must be why I love ya so much! Clearance sales are like foreplay to me. I get all hot and bothered at a great sale!!