Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time well spent, mostly.

The weekend contained lots of activities (if you count yard work as an activity). It also was Brock's Birthday and Father's Day.

There was a lot going on. We are really tired. Just like normal.

The kids found a toad. The toad still lives! (Yay for mommy!)

They are not mean boys, I just feared that Thing 2 would attempt
walking near him and topple over. Splat.

I  love toads. I can't help it....
I made another gluten free birthday cake.

As you all know, I made these INCREDIBLE (if I do say so myself) cakes for Thing 1's 4th birthday earlier this month:

Who Who is awesome? ME.
Brock watched the kidlets while my friend helped me assemble and frost. I think this combination may have been my key to success....

When my wonderful devoted husband turned *cough cough*another year older last Friday and I decided that I would bake him a John Wayne cake, wait that sounds hard a cake that said "Happy Birthday Pilgrim"!

I baked. The Things ran around the house like a pack of rabid dogs. I layered. The Things slowly and methodically ripped apart every square inch of my house. I spread raspberry filling in the center. The Things ate food off the floor and licked the mirror. I made the same chocolate buttercream that I made for the Hooty Group up there and then I remembered that my friend owned all of the frosting tips. The Things resisted naptime. Yay! I found some parchment triangles and while the kids screamed I started to write my Duke inspired message to my hubby.... Apparently, I wasn't paying attention to details. Details like s p a c i n g.

I'm impressed that it doesn't say "Happy Damn It!"
Yes, those are stickers. I was out of steam.
Don't judge me.

It really doesn't matter. It tasted great. I think Brock knows that I love him. I don't need a cake to tell him....
I tell him every day in my own special ways. Like when I wash his clothes, fold them and put them away. Or how we drink wine together... Or go on our date once a month.... Or when we tag team the kids bedtime routine at night... Or... ehhhh. You get the picture.

We are both MUCH more attractive in person.... I hope.

Saturday and Sunday were spent on the yard. The barn yard, specifically.

We took the barn yard from this:

Yes, the Things are cute, but the weeds.... not so much.
To this!

Tah dah! And the grass seed has been planted in the bare spots.

Good thing we birthed us some workers children. We like to start them young around here.

While Thing 1 and Brock were toiling away with their wheelbarrows, I was raking the crusher (zen garden, anyone?) and watching Thing 2 so that he didn't eat dirt.

Oh surprise! There is red dog with the ball.

So I wasn't doing a very good job. The raking was too awesome.

If anyone enjoys eating cake and dirt, kisses, toads, work... and eating dirt, stop by and say hi! Bring your  gloves though, Thing 1 is a real task master.


  1. oh this is great! looks like you had a productive weekend! and who doesn't need a good dose of dirt once in a while - build up that immunity!!!

  2. Wow!! The barn looks AWESOME! The only thing that's missing is our trailer. LOL
    When we were at our campsite this past weekend, it was apparently baby frog birthing time?! They were EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately, my froggy stories don't end as well as your does :(
    Great job on the yard! Can't wait to see them!
    And I LOVE the stickers on the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The other night when we were pulling endless weeds from the garden, I realized that in a few years I would have at least one indentured servant. Hooray!

    Also, I love that you were wearing party hats.

  4. I want a barn that looks JUST. LIKE. THAT. I'm adding it to my list. FOR REAL!

  5. mmmm cake. That one looks delish (if maybe not as cute as the others)

  6. @ tex- that's what I say!
    @ Erin- Bring on the trailer!
    @ Grammar- yay for babies! Especially when they get big enough to help out!
    @ Phoenix- Ours comes complete with bats and the beguiling aroma of bat urine.
    @ Aubrey- Thanks! I tried to comment on your blog but blogger still sucks.
    @Tova- It was delicious, which is apparent because it disappeared as of yesterday!