Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teeth Schmeeth...

Sorry that I was unable to post yesterday. I was busy receiving the news that three teeth may fall out of my head if I don't get two crowns and a refreshed filling. No biggie. It will only cost right around $3,000. Good thing small business owners have such wonderful access to affordable and ample health care, including dental..... oh wait. We don't.

*goes out to the yard to kick a tree*

There goes my dream of buying a "new to me" vehicle that the boys car seats actually fit into.

Who am I kidding?

There goes my dream of buying groceries for three months.

Maybe I'll just adopt this look:

I think I could work it out...


  1. I swear having kids does something funky to your jaw. I've been going through this whole tooth pulling fun for 4-5 years now! Builds character I guess AND if you just pull the molars and don't replace them, you get to talk like Sid The Sloth from the Ice Age movies!!! BONUSH! (or Bonus for those of you with molars)

  2. Boo! Dental work is so expensive it is crazy...

  3. Dentist are dirty crooks! They could at least buy us chocolate ice cream first if they are gonna screw us over with the bill later.

  4. ooh. sad news. loved the syd the sloth reference above!

  5. Whew, for a moment there I thought you said you were heading outside to kick a kitten!

    Love the picture. You are gonna look HAWT!!

  6. Sorry about the snags. I couldn't even tell they were that bad except for the one that's a little rotten right in front. Oh, what? That was just a little Dove chocolate on your tooth? ;)

  7. Um so this first part is unpost related but I promise I'll make it up to you. :) I love, love, love your posts. And without trying to sound too creepy you talk and have the same sense of humor as me and my siblings do. In fact you and my littlest sister have the exact same birthday. So you can now pretend you're 23.

    Okay, post related: my husband had a root canal done this year and we only owe $400 with insurance. I still think that's crazy high and we're slowly paying it off. I'm sorry you got such sucky news. I know it will work itself out though. I just hope you're not in too much pain in the meantime. :)

  8. aw damn. i hate surprise dental work. what am i saying. i hate all dental work. newish cars and food are SO overrated. hang in there mama.

  9. @Erin- Ha ha! You thuck. :)
    @Tova and Jinny- Yeah they are expensive! It will take 2-3 hours total and he is charging $3,000? Um, let's see... that is approximately ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS AN HOUR. And I thought strippers made good money....
    @Texwisgirl- She is a funny one!
    @Canis- *gasp!*I would never kick a kitten! I love ittah bittah kittahs.
    @Simple- baha. *checks teeth for chocolate*
    @Sari- Awe-Thank you! And I like to think that I am 23... We are going to look into insurance but I don't have a ton of hope.
    @Elizabeth-Who needs transportation and sustenance? Crazy extras.

  10. $3000?!?!? WTF? This price is because you are also having all of your teeth capped with 24karat gold encrusted with diamonds - yes?

    I say shop around a little bit and make sure this dude isn't just taking advantage of you. Not just the money, but to make sure you actually need the work done!!