Friday, June 3, 2011

A stroll through my estate.

I have a friend who used to pet sit and bring in the mail for us when we left town. That was back, pre-children, when we actually left town. We called her our Estate Manager. I like the ring of that.

I took my camera around our estate to snapped some photos of life around here and the things that are blooming. Blooming things make me happy, which is the opposite of winter feelings of wanting to sit on the bathroom floor huddled in the fetal position, rocking myself until the deadness is over; much the same way that I foresee myself reacting during the Zombie Apocalypse.

I avoided the garage area because it makes me want to cry a little. Someone please enter our garage in one of those HGTV makeover thingys. Please. Please. PLEASE. It has major issues.

Here ya go:

Snow in Summer and Candytuft. Loves.

I rescued these "Upright Fuchsias" from the sale section
in Lowe's and planted them in Big Blue.
Those irises are as tall as Thing 1.
Nothing says "Welcome" like flowers and iron toads!

You have seen these before but I jammed some more stuff in there. They
should be gorgeous in a month!

Raised garden beds.
 These irises all opened on my Dad's Birthday-
which happened to fall on Memorial Day.
I talked to him and forgot to tell him Happy Birthday.
I also forgot his card at the store.
I'm pretty sure that I'm his favorite daughter.....


If you have never slept on line dried sheets, you are truly missing out
on one of the greatest simple pleasures in life.

If you have never napped in a hammock under a shady tree,
you are truly missing out on one of the greatest simple pleasures in life.

Breakfast. Not as artful as The Cotton Floozy's bacon masterpiece, but I thought that
this would make Thing 1 devour his breakfast. Instead he spent so much time
 with this waffle that I think they are going steady.  He named her Darla and may now be keeping her in a
safe place in a dark corner of his bedroom. Note to self: Don't make faces with Thing 1's food.

Present from my awesome friend.


Cat mint.

Actual cat. Not minty.

And then we threatened the dogs with baths and brushing.
That's right, I said "Bath" Black Dog.
There was no follow through on our behalf though, as
we were too tired.
There will be no fashion post this week because I only wore yoga pants or shorts and tank tops or sweatshirts. Nice.

Happy Friday to all of you. Have a glorious weekend and make sure to enjoy those simple pleasures in life!



  1. that's an order i can definitely carry out!

  2. I will come organize and clean your house if you will come and palnt and tend a flower garden for me!


  3. How beautiful!

    I am so glad we moved to a place where we can enjoy nature and the simple things in life like what you've pictured.

    It truly does make a person happy!

  4. Your estate is very flowerful. And hammocky. And those are some very pleasant combinations. Also, I would not eat any food that looked like a face. It's just way too intimate.

  5. This totally works. I've been looking for ways to say I know someone all big and fancy and livin on an estate with a manager. And now, I have you.

  6. I love your estate. I don't think I will be in it's vicinity when I'm in Colorado next week though. Boo.

  7. Thanks gals! Sorry I will miss you Grammar! I am so much more charming in person (not really).

  8. Oh and Elizabeth- i am big AND fancy.

  9. You have such a beautiful place! It’s a refreshing sight. The pictures of nature, especially the one with the flowers blooming, get me excited about the coming spring. Thanks for sharing!

    Annette Fontana

  10. Such a beautiful place! There are so many flowers around your house! I can almost feel the wind blowing and spreading the scent of spring on the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    Trudy Nearn

    1. The scent of spring around here is a tad manure-y, to be completely honest. :)