Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kidderism. Just one. I'm still drinking coffee....

We dropped off Thing 2 with my friends so that we could take Thing 1 on his birthday horseback ride.

While we were pulling away from my friend's house Thing 1 looked at me very seriously and said, "Are we going to get a new baby?" There was a glimmer of.... hope?.... in his voice.

I said, "No honey. We are keeping that baby."

And then I made him share his toys. Muahahahaha! 

Sorry! He's a keeper!

What the heck.... I'll just keep both of them.


  1. You should come home with a new baby just once to freak him out. LOL

  2. Look at those sunglasses and that little face. Adorableness.

    And I would have had a hard time not messing with him, just a little. (Well, maybe. What kind did you have in mind?)I will probably irreparably damage my children, though.

  3. He loves other babies! He is just a stinker to his baby brother (of course!)

  4. I wonder what he would have said had you said, "Yes. Say goodbye to your brother. This is the last time you'll see him."