Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Miller Time!

Once again, we are having a Miller Moth Invasion.

This is what I find when I opened my patio umbrella every morning. Um. Snuggle.
Then one fell down into my hair.


Another one was apparently hitching a ride in my hair yesterday and waited until I opened to refrigerator, then freaked out into my neck, making me do my own crazy-get-it-off-of-me-now!-dance, and then landed in the cheese and meat drawer. It was late. I was tired. I left it there. There are bad things in that drawer right now. If I cleaned out one moth, it would surely lead to guilting me into cleaning my entire refrigerator and I'm not ready....

I found one in the coffee pot. Ikeeledit.

There was one helping me get ready this morning on my bathroom mirror. Too early for da keeling.

They are on every window in my house, every day. I keel dem.

I opened the door this morning to throw out a clump of red dog hair that I found on the rug and three of them fell off the door frame into my hair. Good thing I'm a morning person *snort* or something like this would put me into a foul mood.

They are dusty, erratic, annoying little creatures. I don't like them.

I actually don't know if these furry creatures are truly Miller Moths, but that is what Brock told me and I don't like to go Googling all of his information to confirm it. It is my special way of showing him my faith in his knowledge. Okay, I'm just lazy and I really don't care that much. I also believe everything I read in magazines....

I guess that as much as I love springtime, I don't particularly love all the critters that come with it.

However, I do love this:
Hello Mr. Toad.
I see you hiding in that tall crab grass!
Brock said that he would use the weed eater.... umhm.
And this only comes around in springtime:
Fleeting and one of my favorites.
And then there is always this:

I love spotting barefoot babies in the grass....
Okay, I guess I can deal with the Miller Moths. Just stay out of my hair! Ew.

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. I'm pretty sure you are a stronger woman than me in the moth department. I would FREAK. OUT.

  2. Cheese and rice! Are you SERIOUS?! Now I'm freaking out in my totally environmentally controlled office. I'm swatting at things that don't exist and seeing flying creatures out of the corners of my eyes. And so now all my co-workers think I'm crazy. Well, they thought I was crazy before, but the swinging at non-moths due to my PTSD from reading your blog is not helping.

  3. ACK! Our house gets an annual plague of box elder bugs. Annoying as hell, but not nearly as creeeepy.

  4. Just got back from Kansas where my grandma has the same problem. So gross. And annoying

  5. Sounds like you're having the same good time with your Miller Moths as I'm having with my Cicadas. They're freaking everywhere and I have done the whole "getitoffmegetitoffme" thing! Ucky! And I find them in the most bizarre places.

  6. Any bug infestation is gross. My sister has a cute little red house in Iowa that is infested with LadyBugs. Only they aren't really LadyBugs, they are some kind of Asian Beetle that looks just like a LadyBug with no spots. They fall on your face while you are sleeping and into your plate while you are eating. It is truly special.

  7. I fucking love that you left it on the cheese!!!!!!!!!! OMG I love that!!!!!!! I was laying in bed with Nadster at naptime and she leaned over to tell me something when a piece of her hair tickled me right between the top lip and nose only her hair was in a but so I pulled my bottom lip up over my top lip and felt YUCKNESSSSSS. Yes, there was a spider on my face and the back legs were basically in my mouth!!! I didn't freak on the outside because I didn't want Nad to have nightmares but on the inside I am still a mess. It's midnight and I'm afraid to go to sleep! Fucking spiders are everywhere around here. I wish they'd go eat some cheese and DIE.

  8. @Simple- I'm glad that you kept that from Nadia because hearing about it may very well give me nightmares. OMG. It was like the two week period a few weeks ago when I kept waking up with new bites on my body- my favorite being the one ON MY EYELID. Ew.

  9. I just shuddered. Twice. No, make that three times. You badass. I woulda totally freaked out.

  10. We're getting those buggers in my house too. They hide in the garage waiting for me to open the door. They get inside and just hang out on the walls. I don't remember them being this pesky last year. May they quickly work their way through this portion of their lifecycle and die off!