Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am pretty sure that my horoscope just called me flaky.

Yesterday I missed the play date that I had been looking forward to all week (sunshine! picnic! other kids to entertain Thing 1! hand selected cool moms!) because my precious little Froodley Doodley Snoodley Thing 2 was napping right through the time that I was supposed to be there.

I have done a lot of things in my day.

I have hiked to snowy mountain peaks.
I have taken public transportation (no, I don't want to talk about it).
I cut my own bangs.
I remove splinters with a pocket knife.
I was almost attacked by a bear.
I recently rode my bike without the proper amount of brakes (scarier than the bear).

But I don't do one thing: I don't wake sleeping babies.

I hope the other moms at the play date understand.
But maybe they don't. When I checked my horoscope, it said this:

You're the liquid that takes the shape of its container, Pisces. Even though this may seem like the most non-confrontational way to do things, you may find that it's actually a cause of great frustration for you and others. People may be annoyed that you're always following someone else's lead instead of taking the initiative. Try to be more assertive while continuing to be easygoing.
Fine. I am going to be more assertive with Thing 2.
I'll practice...

Nope. That is not going to work for me.... Until my kids are older, consider me liquid. Liquid in the form of wine.... in a wine glass. Flaky schmaky, my children need their sleep.



  1. You're the liquid that takes the shape of its container, Pisces. That sounds to me, like you are easy to get along with and just go with the flow. You adapt well to a given situation. I think your horoscope needs to focus a little more on the positive.

  2. When our first was just a tiny baby we went to a gathering and found one couple hadn't come because their child was still sleeping. I believe my husband's words were "I would never skip something I had committed to because of a nap schedule..." He has eaten those words many times now. My current largest source of guilt is that my 2nd daughter who actually LIKES to sleep is not able to most mornings, and so she has started nodding off in her lunch, among other places.

  3. mmmm and the container is a box!

  4. say it, sista. i would never ever wake Cal when she was sleeping as a babe and my friends couldn't understand. "why can't you just pick her up and put her in the stroller? will that wake her or something?"

    i didn't change Cal's sleeping habits. Just friends.

  5. Amen, sister!!!!! Never wake a sleeping baby!!! I never understood waking a child.

  6. I can only imagine the hysteria that would ensue if you woke a sleeping baby. Jeers to that. Cheers to wine!

  7. We don't wake sleeping babies, either. Last night, hubby and I had our first night out together, with baby only (big girls went with their dad for father's day weekend) and we drove around trying to figure out where to eat. After finally deciding where we were going, we pulled into the parking lot and found a spot right in front of the restaurant. After collecting the baby bag and my purse, I turned around to see that the baby was asleep. We didn't even discuss it...hubby turned the car back on, we went through a drive thru and headed home. In my book you just don't mess with sleeping babies!