Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday little buddy!

Thing 1 turned 4 yesterday. *wipes tear from eye*

He prepared for the day by spending all day Saturday in his birthday suit.

I spent all day Saturday making this cake that he requested. ALL FREAKING DAY.

Thing 1 LOVES owls.
  But it was fun because my friend helped me with the assembly and frosting. She is awesomesauce.
We ended up making an entire owl family because the big cake is gluten free.

I love her- for obvious reasons.

Then on Sunday we headed up to Estes Park for the birthday celebration! We were only 1/2 hour late leaving the house...

We rode ON OUR OWN HORSES for an hour with my childhood friend and her family. Thing 1 rode all by himself (holding the reins and steering). He is such a little cowboy. We also saw a lone cow elk.

Brock on his horse Prince Charming on Thing 1 riding solo.

This is my horse Gus. He likes to sniff butts.
I'm willing to bet that the fact that my horse is a butt sniffer
surprises no one. He also scrapes his teeth on metal gates.

Can you see the elk?

Then we headed over to some picnic tables on the mountainside called The Campfire Corral where we joined a few more people and commenced in celebrating. Then all the children rode ponies. Then my family went swimming. I used to celebrate my birthdays at Happy Joe's Pizza in Iowa in the middle of a dreary cold February, where I got an ice cream sundae that looked like a clown and a couple of disgruntled high school kids wearing red and white aprons sang Happy Birthday to me. I think Thing 1 wins.

The party location.... not too shabby, if you like things like
mountains, trees, sunshine and fresh air...

Thing 1 and the wind competing to blow out the candles.

The kid made a major score. Now we are prepared to make our own Toy Story film.

What???? Pony butt!!!!


Swimming is fun! Until you swallow water....

And... we're out.
It was in the low 80's and gorgeous. The kiddos were happy. The cake was a hit. It was a crazy good day. I'm a mother fucking wizard. Happy Birthday little man. Mommy loves you!!!!

One can never have too many pony pictures, me thinks.


  1. ponies are adorable. what a dayful!

  2. Wow, sounds like y'all had quite the celebration - and those cakes are ADORABLE!! I'm envious of your mad cake decorating skillz!

    Happy birthday to Thing 1! My "Thing 1" turns six tomorrow ... *sniff sniff*

  3. Holy crap, woman. Those cakes are so freaking cool. Will you adopt me?

  4. I love the cakes! Ponies are awesome, right next to mules. Will you plan my next birthday party.


  5. whoa is this a cake blog now? Those are AMAZING!

  6. AWWWWW that looks like heaven to me!!!!!!

  7. Thanks guys! I think he enjoyed his special day. He is so stinkin' cute, he totally deserved it!

  8. What a perfect day! You out did yourself!

  9. WOW. just WOW. those cakes are amazing!! i would totally not let a soul touch those babies if I made those. I would put them under glass and make every walk by it. no touching though.

    Happy Belated Birthday Thing 1!!!!!