Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Do I Blog?

It is the only task in my life that I can truly complete. And I really really like to finish things...

It is better than me talking in person because it is me with an edit button......I know what you are thinking: "This is her edited? Good Lord. Her poor husband."

Writing is a great way to make myself collect my thoughts and attempt a coherent presentation. Normally I spit out things like "fleener neener neener...keep your hands to yourself!...uhhh...fffffffffffffffff......pickles?"

It truly is cathartic.

If I write it down, I am still going to forget it but I can at least reference my brain activity and hold myself accountable for things that fall out of my head (and mouth).

It gets the creative juices flowing and I like my creativity juicy..... and moist. MOIST. This is for you- you know who you are.

I feel like it is a better way to spend my time than watching soap operas, but I feel that reality TV is totally worthy of my time and attention. And the show Castle.

I never learned any other marketable skills, like stitching, knitting, sewing, working with a loom, pottery making or butter churning.
Image from The Graphics Fairy
I didn't make this....

I love my readers and your comments. Often you guys make my day. I am amazed at the relationships that I have formed online. I piss off people in my immediate presence on a fairly regular basis so it is good to know that others "get me". Woot Woot!

I like embarrassing my parents.

I can do it in my bathrobe, which is actually socially acceptable (compared with the other things that I do in my bathrobe).

Ever since I wrote that story about the squirrel in the 6th grade, which earned me a pass to a writer's conference, I have been intrigued with writing. I wonder if my mom kept that? What am I saying? This is the woman responsible for the lime green leisure suit. Of course she kept my winning squirrel story.

As I have mentioned before, I will not sacrifice my expensive art supplies to the hands of my Things.

I have a voice, and it deserves to be heard.

>>>>What is your creative outlet?


  1. photog blogging, certainly. and pushing myself to draw something each month for giveaways. :)

  2. I love reading your blog. It's like reality tv only I can actually relate to your life.

    I love to scrapbook! It is something me and my friends do together, and we go away for full weekends to do it, far away from the family. I am preserving our family joys and passions. Blogging puts our funny stories into print!

  3. Oh I just love you!! And your honesty!!!
    I am not really artistic at all either BUT in my head I think I am a dynamic singer!! That has to count for something, right?


  4. I've always been better at writing down what I'm trying to say rather than trying to say them. As for my creative outlit, I made a blog for that too lol...dollhouse miniatures.

  5. I never thought of myself as a writer, but I do it professionally and on my blog for fun so I guess I am one!

  6. I love the sweet dulcet tones of your voice.

  7. My most creative outlet lately is cooking. And occasionally I'll come up with a craft project and convince Katie it's HER project so I can actually find time to work on it. We recently bought her an embossing kit and a fashion stencil set. I'm totally feeling a craft project or two coming on...

  8. Probably the fact that you can wear whatever you would like while blogging is one of the many reasons on here that I can relate to.

  9. In third grade I won an essay contest about Grandparents. I wrote about how much I loved my grandmother because we made cookies together, and she took me to the park and would read and she brushed and braided my hair. My picture was even in the local paper and they PRINTED my winning essay! (Small town; no actual news.) It was then I realized my talent for fiction. That was one crock of shit I made up. (My grandmother assumed it was the 'other' grandma ... the one who lived in Australia. Like I flew to Australia to make cookies.)

  10. Right now, my main creative outlet is teaching. But when I am home more, I really intend to blog more than once a week. And I have some story ideas that I want to get off the ground so we can be richrichrich!

    Oh, I also daydream.

  11. See? This is exactly what I am talking about. You guys are all awesomesauce.

  12. i love your blog. because you are brave and honest and hilarious. and that's what i truly admire about you. you're witty and gorg, but you're not afraid to be self-deprecating which just makes me appreciate you more.

    im a recovering scrapbookaholic but i love this whole blogging thing. i never wrote anything longer than an email before i started blogging last september, and i can't believe the friends ive made and the amazing release that it's been.

  13. @Elizabeth- when you visit me in CO, don't be surprised to see your comment up there cut out and pasted on my bathroom mirror. Thank you for your very kind words. I totally feel the same way about you.