Monday, May 23, 2011

The weekend... with PONIES!!!!!

1. We are still here, which means that we have apparently not been selected as good followers of Jesus for Rapture. Damn it. I am truly shocked. I thought that I really was in when I stopped and waved that old lady across the street in front of me.

2. My husband and I finally figured out all of the words to Elton John's Tiny Dancer. For example:  ....lay me down in sheets of linen, NOT ...lay me down and she's so fillin'. And yes, we high fived one another, because that's how we roll.

3. My canyon driving made Thing 2 carsick and he erupted his dinner all over my truck. Yet another grand quality of mommy's that he inherited. We also learned that he swallows his watermelon pieces whole.

4. Thing 1 rode a full sized horse ALL BY HIMSELF. He's THREE, people.

Thumbs up from Thing 1!

5. Thing 1 also caught two fish.This was a big weekend for him.

How cute is he?

6. I finished reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. Hurry, go buy yourself a copy. Do it now.

7. Because I was reading (hey, I was recovering from that heat stroke thingy.... remember?), I did not clean my house so now when you walk through it you can hear the dirt grinding into the tiles. One of my favorite sounds.... *shudder*

8. We, as a family unit, made it out of the house for the entire day, in under 2 hours. The views were worth the trouble.

Looking out over Estes Park.

Looking toward the front range of Rocky
Mountain National Park.

9. My entire yard smells like lilacs., which is convenient because I noticed a bad sewage-esq odor hovering about the neighborhood.

10. Thing 2 rode a pony for the first time. He clapped. It was awesome.

My sister is assisting Brock in helping him balance. He loved it! Thing 1
is an old pro at  pony riding.

11. We still didn't walk the dogs.

12. The pumpkin patch is tilled and ready for seeds! Yay! I love pumpkins!!!!

13. It stopped raining (after 4 days of rain) and our lawn is now mowed. I know! And better yet, Brock did it! Hallelujah!

14. We attended a high school graduation party for my good friend's daughter. We got her a tool kit, which is my standard grad gift for girls. Because every woman should have her own tools. I sure as hell do.

15. I fed my roses. I'm so exciting that you can't handle it, can you?

16. My husband took me on an actual date!

17. I properly identified the grumpy verses the happy pony.

Happy pony!

Grumpy pony.

OMG, I'm going to chew on his tiny ears.

Happy Monday to my fellow sinners that were left behind Rapture. Let's enjoy our last 5 months together. :)


  1. to borrow from Charlie Sheen: "Sinning!" :)

    love the photo of Thing 1 tromping off to go fishing! just precious! and my tile has more dirt, sand, grit, dog hair, etc. etc. than yours, i bet!

  2. I cannot stand walking on grit when the surface should be smooth. It makes me feel a little mental.

  3. Dude! You had what I like to call a zen-like weekend. Made me smile. I want to water roses now!

  4. ...and ride a pony although the last time I was on a horse a bee stung it so it started going ape shit...while I was on top of the thing. hmph

  5. What a gorgeous day outside! Also I love that you give girls tools! I got my drill set for my birthday when I moved into an apartment of my own, and when my husband and I moved in together he was a little embarrassed that all the tools are mine. Ha!

  6. A tool kit is a great idea. I gave checks & backpack-friendly staplers. (A professor friend had recently posted something like "Don't students f-in' own staplers these days? I can't give you the grade you deserve if I can't find all your pages!")

    Thing one with his fishing pole and horse riding is one amazing little outdoorsman. Maybe he can teach K how to fish... she keeps asking me and I'm clueless.

  7. Wow! You are like Super Accomplisher Woman. You should really have a cape. I, myself, would never had identified all those happy/grumpy ponies because ponies have teeth. And can bite. I am going to get me that book though - SO many people told me it was good.

  8. Awwww, I miss Estes Park! Looks like it was a beautiful day! Do you ever get teary-eyed when you see your munchkins horseback, or is that a weird mom moment that I have when I see my girls riding? I get so proud and sentimental all at the same time! I'm so jealous EP is a day trip for you guys!

  9. @Tish- It was a wonderful weekend. I wasn't actually riding the ponies, the fact that I am half their weight makes that seems inappropriate! :) I did however ride a full sized horse and there were no bees!
    @Tova- oh yeah!
    @Francesca- Bring K over some weekend and Brock and Cort would take her!
    @Phoenix- HAhahahahahahaha!
    @Aubrey- I do. I also cried when he was singing is his first pre-school program. Too cute.

  10. I can't wait to go to Estes Park this summer. It's been far too many years since I've been.