Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend Beautification. Phase 1.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. After a week of nap refusals (Thing 2 is too big to nap now, being one and all), a full face pimple attack (come on! Wrinkles AND pimples? Really?), windy days (wind angers me), and my back still being junked up, I was looking forward to Brock being home for the weekend to give me a chance to hide in my room so I can do yoga and watch an episode of Ellen share the load with me. Well, the weekend delivered.

First of all, I didn't do any laundry and Brock made half of the meals. I could stop here and be completely happy but NO! There is more!

I finished the living room spending under $900 on the entire thing. I rock at being thrifty.

Before the redesign (i.e. beautification):

It was nice, but the furniture was too big for the room and too smooshy
for me. It was also dark and I like need light. The massive pieces really
messed up my room's (and my) Feng Shui.
 After the beautification:

New smaller and brighter couch, rug, pillows and art.
I can breathe in this room now. Feng Shui= good. I'm so freaking happy.

New (to me) chairs, drapes, pillows, original oil painting.
And of course the recovered ottoman.
This side of the room cost me $172. I love the color green and I love
the chair that Smelly Cat is laying in. LOVE. I have a story
about it that I will tell you later this week.

Don't worry about that pretty rug, it found a new home:

Master bedroom, now with carpet.
 Beautification of my skin:

Okay, so the picture is not pretty, but the end result was good!
This is how poor people do Spa Day.
Homemade mask of:
half an avocado, 1 egg yolk and 1-2 T honey.
Mix in food processor or mash by hand.
Cleared my outbreak up and moisturized my skin.
If you have oily skin, use egg white instead of yolk.
I can't remember where I read this recipe.....
 It was beautiful outside this weekend! One of the first weekend in almost two months without wind. We spent the weekend outside. I found out the hard way that my sunscreen is expired.... ouch.

Beautification of my window boxes:



I would like to get a few more plants, but this is a nice start!

Beautifcation of the property is underway.

Things are blooming:

Cherry tree.

Crab Apple tree.

Even the lilacs are popping out to say hello!
And for the grand finale....
We installed a POOL!

Happy Monday!

Peace, Love and Unicorns,

How was your Mother's Day weekend?


  1. LOVE the re-design! So much more light! Also I'm mega jealous of that pool, that is the kind I want! We just don't have enough sun here yet to be outside a lot. It would sink in to the mud and be an in ground pool.

  2. Thanks Tova- I'm pleased. The photos don't show how tiny my living room is and how much space the former furniture was taking up. We didn't have warm weather until the last few days, but it has been wonderful (except for the sunburn).

  3. I am ALL KINDS OF JEALOUS right now. The fabulous new living room, the luxury at-home spa and a pool to top it off. Johi, so not fair. Not at all.

    Sounds like your weekend was absolutely fab. I spent ten hours in airplane or airports yesterday trying to get home. By the time I did, the kid was already sleeping and she forgot to mention it this morning, so she called from school to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. Still pretty awesome...I guess. =)

  4. SHUT UP!! I love, love, LOVE your redesign in the living room and GREEN CHAIRS?! You're my hero. Seriously. This is excatly the kind of living room I could enjoy. Can I be like that creepy Single White Female and make my living room EXACTLY LIKE YOURS?! I LOVE the rug under the bed. Much nicer place. And the window boxes. *sigh* I'm in love. I bet the kids are as happy with the pool as you are with everything else!! (Score on the shared load, by the way! Happy Mother's Day!)

  5. @ Elizabeth- as I slipped my feet into the pool, I said " I wonder what the poor people are doing today?"
    It sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day weekend complete with fancy food and people pulling your chair out for you!

    @ Phoenix- Thank You! Feel free to copy!(Only if you cut bangs and dye your hair blonde will I be concerned) I cut out some pictures from a magazine and used them as my inspiration. Brock made me the window boxes a few years ago. I love them. I normally stuff a ton of flowers in there but we were at the expensive nursery. I'll go to K-Mart and buy some more (for a lot less) soon. Happy Mother's Day to you too!! Hope it was grand!

  6. Careful around that pool now - you might just want to get a pair of waterwings for your ankles.

    Great job on all the beautifications!

  7. Love It!

    Now, come do mine. Really. Will trade - will sweep, mop, scrub, vac, etc. in trade for design! :)

  8. So, I have to be honest...I haven't read your blog in a while. I decided to get caught up, but being a Virgo, I had to start back and the place I left off so as to read forward in order. This required me to scroll backwards to that point. OMG. I LOVE your pictures! I was laughing so hard before I ever read a word!!!

    Love the new living room design, its so fresh and airy! Good job!