Monday, May 2, 2011

A little hair, a little there.

My grandparents had a round ottoman on casters that I thought was A.Mah.Zing when I was a kid. I would drape myself over it and my sister would roll me around their large house, which was full of hard floors that were perfect for events such as "ottoman derby". Sometimes she would cart me around in a civilized manner and other times she would give me a hard shove and send me flying across the room, only to be stopped short by a pesky wall or a bump in the floor (like a rug or a human foot). Rolling around on that ottoman was so much fun that it surpassed the Kokjohn sister event of "wheelbarrow derby" (and that was pretty damn fun.... and yes, the horse manure had just been dumped out of it).

When things were being inventoried for auction from my grandparent's house, I inquired about the ottoman. I wanted it. Not only do I have fond memories of it but I happen to have a passion for sitting with my feet resting on something. The dogs won't let me do it for very long and Brock gets all handsy... Anyway, the ottoman was ripped and the family was basically like "Umm...take it. Please."

So it made the trip to Colorado and sat in the garage for a few months until I could give it some thought and focus.

You all know that I have been working on the redesign of my living room..... thought.... focus....smoke exiting through ears...brain damage... all happening here.

Well, the ottoman made the cut of "keepers", and now has the rare and wonderful honor of being a "completed project" in the Brock and Johi household. We don't usually actually FINISH stuff, people, because that would be overzealous and crazy.

Here is a picture of the ottoman and a steer hide that came with my husband when I met him~ we were using it as a rug :

How do you spell... Naugahyde?
The "rug" was not working out well since the corners were
all rolling up. I tried once for 4 whole seconds and couldn't get them
flat, so it was sacrificed to my scissor clad paws. Muahahaha!

...and after some crafty use of a tape measure, a straight edge, some scissors, a staple gun, and some decorative tacks, here is our new refurbished ottoman TODAY:

Woohoo! Furry AND shiny! Double bonus!

Actual Cost (including an overpriced staple gun and a rubber maillot that fell apart on the third swing): $50

Nostalgic factor of knowing that I have something wonderful that belonged to my Grandparent's: priceless

Irritation that Brock took over the project: Low to none.  We actually had fun as I iced my back, drank tea and watched him hammer in those little square tacks.  Plus, he is much more precise about measuring and all that jazz. I started the project and I know I was giving him an ulcer as he watched me cut up that steer hide. He jumped in and practically shoved me out of the way when I started attaching the top. By the time we got to attaching the sides I was reclining in my chair and he was man-handling the hide and the staple gun. Heh heh.

What do you think? I think that it turned out way better than the chair cushions that I recovered, complete with cording. Especially since I really can't cut or sew a straight line... or apparently tell the difference between rounded and squared corners. When people ask why they look that way, I tell them a monkey high on mushrooms broke into my house and made them; because that is exactly what they look like. Regardless of my failed attempt at cushions, I think that the ottoman turned out awesome, even though we attached the sides upside down and the hair is going the wrong direction, so when you "pet" it, and you will pet it, it is like petting the cat backwards...Whoops....

What sorts of decorating tasks have you undertaken? Did it work out like you had planned?


  1. you make me laugh! a monkey high on mushrooms, petting the ottoman backwards... i've got quite the lasting visual...

  2. When The Boy was young I spent 24 hours hand painting 8 x 8 black squares on one of the walls in his room to acheive the checkered flag look. I have also recently redone the painting of his room with a very teenage custom job that included three paint colors on one wall and a random grouping of squares. It turned out really well.

  3. it looks good! I am mostly just good at the part of DIY projects where you buy the supplies, they never really get past that part...

  4. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!! I don't "do" projects normally... but I actually started repainting a wooden high chair this weekend. I spent forever sanding that sucker and my arms got really tired so I had to take a 2-day break. Maybe tomorrow I'll get back to it... you know, before the boy grows out of the highchair.

  5. I think it's awesome.

    One of the few projects I ever completed was to buy a bunch of old magazines, cut out random pictures, and put them in thrift store frames that I had painted black.

    But I can't cut straight either, so they would drive some people nuts.

  6. I think he did a freaking amazing job. And, totally smart of you to relax and watch. Seriously, that's the way to do it.

  7. Way to go girl!! I'm so proud of you! I have never attempted anything like I am TOTALLY bowing down to you right now! I can't wait to (some day) pet your ottoman!

  8. Fabulous! Love the ottoman! And the fact that it was your grandparents is a bonus.

    I made an end table out of an old waterbed head board. Something good had to come out of the 70s.

  9. I'm so with you on passing projects off to the other half. He would actually make sure it was on straight.. I'd think "well that's close enough, right?".. that is, if it ever got out of the garage in the first place!

  10. I have some creative readers! I'm not surprised. It is clear that you are all AWESOME. We are loving the ottoman.

  11. The ottoman looks great. I made covers for these uniquely-sized futon/windowbox cushions in my girls' rooms. In the first room I bought a double set of remaindered crib fabrics, used one set on the crib and cut up the other set into lots of squares which I made into a pair of patched-together cushion covers. They did have cording which came out QUITE well for someone who had never tried that before. The second set I actually bought a bolt of fabric, and they didn't look as cute (or ever really get finished...)