Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I may need to rename Smelly Cat

After I wrote this post  last month, I decided that I too wanted to learn how to train dragons, figuring it would be a useful thing to add to my special skills section of my resume when I someday have to return to the workforce. I rented "How to Train Your Dragon" over the weekend for a helpful demonstration. We allowed Thing 1 to stay up until after 10 pm Friday night so that we could all watch the movie together.  I not only learned tons about dragons and scientific sketches, but I also felt a pang of familiarity throughout the movie. At first I thought I might actually be a Viking and considered purchasing a hat made out of a breast plate and horns, but I finally pinpointed my deja vu feelings to the dragon named Toothless. When he was introduced, it felt like I knew him. His face seemed so familiar to me.... and then I figured it out.

Hmmm. I always knew that there was something "different" about my cat. He's not actually a kitty, he is a dragon. It all makes sense now. And I trained him. So there. Okay.... I didn't train him. He trained me to serve him. Details details.


  1. I love love love love love that movie, I had to see it several times! Toothless is just adorable!!

    You're right. Smelly cat does bear a strong resemblance to Toothless. Explains stuff, doesn't it? :)

  2. I think this explains why we get along - we're both slaves to our cats.

  3. lol my husband and I thought the same thing when we watched this movie... our fat cat gives us the look in the pic you posted!

  4. I noticed the similarities of Toothless to a cat. I love it, because it's such an unexpected base for a dragon!