Friday, May 13, 2011

A Friday Night Photo

Since Blogger was down yesterday and most of today, I was unable to post all the brilliant and hilarious thoughts that were floating through my head. Now Blogger is back up and running (minus some of my reader's comments. Boo.) and I am ready to write!

Oh no. The funny stuff floating around in my head floated right out of my ears and I no longer remember what it was I wanted to say.

Welcome to my brain. It is a sad sad decrepit place.

Since I am empty between the ears I will leave you with this little Friday photo of Red Dog sleeping:

I hope that all of you (and I) rest this well tonight. Have a great weekend!

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. i feel 'complete' again since blogger's been rescusitated. :) love that red dog pose!

  2. You need to carry around a small journal with you so that you don't lose your funny stuff!

  3. I really, really need Red Dog to teach me to sleep like that.

  4. I found you on Stumbling toward perfection... I love that funny lady!
    I too was devestated by blogger's absence earlier this week, and lost several brilliant, inspired blog ideas during that time into thin air...
    Following you now. Please visit

  5. I am new to your space via FTLOB, and a few things:

    1. I just about died when I was searching around my favorite blogs and couldn't comment. WHAT WILL I DO IF PEOPLE DON'T KNOW IMMEDIATELY THAT THEIR FAVORITE FOOD IS MY FAVORITE FOOD TOO?!?!?
    2. I don't have any real kids yet, so my dog is treated like one. (Except hopefully we won't be locking our real ones in a crate when we're gone for more than 3 hours...) Because he thinks he's human, he sleeps like that. Actually, I just looked over to the couch, and he is LITERALLY doing it right now.

  6. Welcome newbies! Warning: I like to swear. I will check out your blogs when my children are napping. (Pray for me that they nap....)
    Red Dog needs to be groomed. She looks like a little bear. I'll bet it freaks out people when she is chasing their car as they drive by my house. "OMG! A brown bear wants to eat my truck tire!, it wants me to throw a ball"

  7. I wuv her, even though she IS a total hussy! :P