Friday, May 20, 2011

Fashion Friday and some other stuff

I left the house a couple of days this week and actually put some effort into a few outfits instead of wearing yoga clothes every day. And yes, I also spared you the pictures of my yard work clothes. You're welcome.

There was some of this:

My head was too hideous to post
but the outfit is comfy and cute.
Note the wooden soled clogs,
circa 1994.  :-)
Hey! What is that light switch all about? Let's zoom in, shall we?

It appears to be morning.
I'll bet you thought his name was David.
No, it's Dah-veed.
Go forth with this new found snooty
pronunciation and be sure to correct
everyone you meet, because letting people
know when they are wrong is a sure fire
way to earn new friends and the respect of others.....

Then there was a bit o' this:

I whited out most of my face here so that is better...
This jacket is my new favorite thing.
I found it at Ann Taylor Loft on sale for $24,
the scarf was a gift from my sissy.
Love my sissy!!
 Then there was a lot of this:

Now that's more like it!

Ready for anything in this outfit!
 Have a wonderful weekend. Watch out for the zombie apocalypse or Armageddon or The Second Great Flood! or whatever the hell is supposed to be happening on Saturday. I hope they hold off because I was planning on meeting some girlfriends for a healthy evening of hot yoga followed by a great deal of wine. I would be pretty pissed if a natural disaster, the end of the world or some fucking zombie ruined my fun.



  1. Wow. That light switch is... just awesome.

  2. Glass Castle! Great book! Cute wardrobe dawling :)

  3. I believe it's the rapture that will be taking place on Saturday. Thank god (lol) because I am so not prepared for zombies.

  4. I know what you're doing. Focusing on the Dah-veed light switch so I don't notice Eleanor. But it didn't work. I DID notice Eleanor. And I still want her.

    I also want your wooden clogs.

  5. I need this light switch for my mother... Loves. Also, I'm pretty sure I had those clogs. Eleanor AND Damask curtains? Yes please.

  6. Here is where I tell you all that, even though I have not yet finished The Glass Castle, I highly recommend it.
    @Phoenix- I bet your hooves are far too tiny for my Clydesdale sized feet! 9's baby!
    The light switch was a gift from my FABULOUS friend Stacey. The funny thing is that I had seen it, wanted it and didn't buy it. (and kept silent about it) Yet she found it and thought of me! <3