Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fashion for Odd Sorts

My desire to cook yet another meal last night was about as strong as my desire to throw the lawnmower when it won't start (or to drench our shithole of a garage in gasoline, toss in a lit match and make an insurance claim that it was an "electrical fire"). So I chugged a glass of wine and announced "How about some gluten free pizza at the Rustic Oven?" and Thing 1 said "No. I just want a banana." and then I told him all about the magical concoction called A Shirley Temple and he said "I want pizza!". Then we loaded ourselves in the truck and drove two miles up the road to civilization, otherwise known as the wonderful place where people cook for you and then clean up the giant mess that small children and my husband make when you place food in front of them.

The Things were angels. I'm dead freaking serious. Except for the random bursts of ear drum shattering shrieking from Thing 2, they were absolutely perfect.

Even though my kids were well-mannered and Brock had showered and put on clothes that didn't have dry wall and paint all over them (he saves those treasures for sleeping in- so snugly), people kept staring at our table. I'm sure most of them were thinking that our children looked like catalog models but I started feeling self-conscious. Maybe it was the fact the no one in our family had brushed our hair (which is why I was wearing a hat)... or maybe it was my hat. Either way, when we were walking to the truck I mentioned that maybe I was looking a bit more eccentric than people were used too, to which Brock responded, "Yeah, you are an odd sort."

"uh.... Thanks?"

Whatever. He married me. And I think that my outfit was kind of cute, even though I was wearing one of my standard summer mumus and had napped in the clothes earlier in the day. It certainly was comfortable... hence the napping.

What do you think?

I like cheap green Old Navy dresses.
And he thinks the I am the odd one?
He looks like Dick Van Dyke's hydrocephalic humpbacked brother.
But only in this picture. (photo courtesy of Thing 1)
Normally he is more Kevin Costner and less
"they kept me in the crawl space until I was 14".
He says in retort "Hey, you married me."

Haha! Get your own blog, husband!

Now that I think about it, maybe people were staring because we are cRaZy.


  1. it was the hat. that's my story and i'm sticking to it...

  2. I bought that hat for Thing 1, he looks cuter in it. He may or may not have picked out this outfit for me....

    I set these fashion posts up to blame anything hideous on my 3 year old. Do you like how I did that? :)

  3. I too love an Old Navy sun dress for casual dinners with Husband. They made up my spring Vegas wardrobe last year. And I may have actaully tried this same dress on in a different color when they were on sale for $15!

    I'm sure they were staring because the Things look like catalog models. I've seen photos, it had to be that!

  4. @Tina- I also have the one in apricot (on sale). :) Thanks, I think my guys are pretty cute too!

  5. Personally, I like that hat. Just sayin.

  6. hahaha old navy dresses = best!

  7. THAT'S your crazy outfit? I suddenly feel accutely aware of what an oddball I currently am dressed like.

    I'm also picking up a green vibe... sundress, living room chair, leisure suit...

  8. Would you just STOP tormenting me with those green wedges! Now, um... what were you saying?
    Next time try paring the ensemble with a red Chinese umbrella with dragons painted on it. That's guaranteed to get the proletariat riled up ;) not to mention would look quite coordinated with one green old navy dress and wedges. Do those have cork heels btw? Patent leather?

  9. @Brandy- I personally like the hat too. I just like hats in general, especially when I don't want to brush my hair.

    @Tova- I had to try on about 6 of them before I found one that didn't make me look malformed, but I love this one.

    @Phoenix-I like green. Which is why I hate winter with a violent passion. I like other colors too, like jade green and yellow-green and fern green and blue-green.

    @Barb-I need a red Chinese umbrella. I saw yours and I love it! The shoes are cork and regular leather. They were from Target 3 years ago. I love them!

  10. i ♥ all things green! you get my thumbs up for the day!