Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A chance meeting between soul mates.

I recently droned on and on about redecorating my living room. I also regularly drone on and on about our limited budget (not just for redecorating, but for general living). I was able to refurnish our entire living room on about $900 and I happen to love the finished product. Hey! I am proud of that! No, I didn't walk into the local Ethan Allen showroom, wave a finger around and mutter "I'll take this. All of it. When can your people be at my estate?" Instead, I utilized some ingenuity and my bad ass mofo SKILLZ and dug around multiple stores, including Habitat for Humanity, to get "bargains" and "steals!" to create a unique and eclectic living room for me my family.

While I was out hunting for that "just right" chair with my sister, we drove upon the La-Z-Boy Galleria and I suggested we run in and take a look. You never know when someone is having a blowout sale! We walked in and started looking around when I found it. The perfect chair. It was a modern, clean lined recliner that could be covered in any fabric that you desired. It was divine. It made my ass happy. It was also $899, which was my entire budget for a new couch, rug, curtains, pillows, materials for the ottoman and two chairs. The sales lady walked up and started her hard core sales pitch and I smiled and said, "I love it, it just needs to be more like $399".

She curled her lip at me and snarled, "Well. You better go over to American". (Meaning American Furniture Warehouse, the "greasy spoon" of furniture stores. Also the place that we found our couch and that awesome train photo hanging above it.) Then she stalked off and ignored my sister and I, which was convenient because she didn't notice when we spat our chaw into the fancy ass vase in the leather furniture vignette. Yeehaw! *banjos banjos*

The next day, while my family and I were out shopping for that perfect chair (or set of chairs...or fabric to recover my $64 pair wingback chairs), I suggested we make ONE LAST STOP at Habitat, you know, just to see what they had.

I had my fam stay in the vehicle as I ran in to take a peek. That is when I saw her. I named her Eleanor. I could see her perfectly funky avocado color sitting amongst a group of mauve and teal chairs. Even in their non-flattering, sad, decrepit, faded glow, I could sense that Eleanor was different. She was practically beckoning me. I sat. I loved. I called Brock and said "Bring the boys in. I found one. The chairs are on sale for $30."

Because I am a firm believer in multi-tasking, I continued peeking around while I was waiting for my guys. It paid off because I found this hand painted treasure on sale for $1.75.
Love. It.

It even has an inscription on the back in ... Polish perhaps?

We loaded Eleanor in the truck and delivered her to her new home. She is a beautiful, tufted, groovy green rocker/recliner of comfort. Even Smelly Cat agrees, and he is a picky little hairless bastard.

Eleanor and Smelly Cat, bonding.
Feel free to admire the awesomeness of the fabric.

Oh, and do you want to know the best part? When I was polishing up Eleanor, I discovered this.

Can you read that label? It says La-Z-Boy Chair.

Suck it snooty sales lady! I bought a Vintage 1969 La-Z-Boy in mint condition for $30. Oh yeah!

P.S. Why are you so snooty? You sell chairs. And I saw the camouflaged one with the beer cooler attached. Classy.

Peace, Love and Unicorns,
Johi (bargain hunter extraordinaire)


  1. banjos banjos part is killing me girl lol

  2. love the banjos, banjos and the chaw spitting...LOL

  3. That chair is in great condition! Such an awesome find! I need to go shopping with you!

  4. I seriously love Eleanor a little more every day.

  5. I need you to come and decorate my guest bedroom. I only have a budget of $250..and I don't have a place for you to sleep (um, no bed in that guest bedroom). When can you be here?

  6. @Just jinny-Send Mary Poppins over to watch my children and I would gladly do it, because it CAN be done!

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  8. I love love love that painting! It's totally my style. So jealous.

  9. Ahhh I want that chair!!! I think I'd enjoy it anyway, but it's green, which happens to be my favorite color. Nice find!

  10. Thanks ladies- I love the cast off treasures of others as well! And Green is the best color EVER! Which is why I like spring so much!

  11. If you were my neighbor I'd probably steal Eleanor. Actually, I may just road trip. For reals! I want an ELEANOR!!

  12. I'll bet you can find an old lady chair of your very own! You are welcome to come sit in Eleanor and drink old lady tea with me while we talk about doilies, ceramic cats and African Violets anytime though. :)