Monday, April 11, 2011

Passing Down Our Traits

Thing 1 has picked up characteristics of both ma and pa.

Yesterday I captured some photos to demonstrate these qualities that we have handed down to our offspring.

Filling the holes from the bushes Daddy moved.
He has his own wheelbarrow courtesy of my folks,'
who are firm believers in child labor.
I have the back to prove it....

Filling the wheelbarrows with dirt.... having
your tongue out helps a lot.

Me showing off my mad photography skills.
Who really needs to see Brock's head????

So Brock obviously has passed along the hard work gene, while I gave him this:

Thing 1's lunch, redesigned by him.
I'm not calling this OCD, I'm looking at it as
having a fabulous sense of design and stellar knowledge
of the letter "T".

Thing 2 has recently taught himself the art of opening and closing doors and playing in the toilet water. I can honestly say with great pride that both Brock and I can open doors, but I am apparently the only human in the house that possesses the knowledge of toilet cleaning, so I'll assume he learned the latter from me. He also blew our socks off this weekend by finally* signing for his bottle (with a shit eating grin on his face as if to say "I can make you monkeys do anything".) *I have been working with him in my typical half-ass fashion on the six signs that I can remember for about five months now. Then, as if to rub his intelligence in our faces, two seconds later he looked at Smelly Cat and yelled "GHAT!".

He still can't figure out this door though (Bwahahahaha!):

The children aren't the only things blooming around here.

Flowering Plum Bush... beautiful!

My one lonely daffodil. Lovely!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The Things and I picked up some crappy headcold, but other than feeling like ass and dealing with snot, our weekend was great.


  1. His expression says, "I see you. This door won't protect you for long."

  2. It is so nice when they *want* to help! I wish mine did :)

  3. Great pictures and really beautiful children! I love his little wheelbarrow.