Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Incredible Fashion With Thing 1

Inconsistency is the only place that I am truly consistent.

Since I stated two weeks ago that I would post about fashion every week, I guess I'll do it now, since I forgot to last week.

Meet my stylist:

He likes diggers. Who doesn't?

He also loves the ladies. Mama's, hold on
to your little girls. This guy is a charmer.

Here is how Thing 1 fashioned me last Saturday when I went out shopping for my new living room decor:
A vintage western shirt stolen ripped borrowed from my mother's closet,
red capri pants, a skinny red belt and my pink sparkly genie slippers.
I don't look cRaZy at all.

Although I like to be adventurous, and I did wear slippers today when I had an emergency visit to my chiropractor (the sheepskin boots, not the pink genie ones), I typically don't wear house shoes while out in public. Typically. Some rules are meant to be broken though....

Here is what I chose to wear instead (I like how I match the drapes, so classy...):

It was all about the boots and the hat on Saturday.
My hair was stupid, it was cold out (I woke up to snow),
 and I needed comfort on my feet. These boots never fail me.
 Jeans from the Limited, hat from Target, sweater from Loft and boots from Macy's.
The earrings were a birthday present from one of my favorite people on the planet.

Aren't those earrings awesome? I know.
 Sunday was Easter. I hope none of you missed it. We actually went to CHURCH. I know! *shock and awe* We had to keep Thing 2 from napping but it all worked out well, as he did not melt or burst into flames. Here is what I wore... I call it "Baptist Gone Awry" (I have never actually been a Baptist, but I like the way that sounds):
Yes. I am aware that there is something wrong with me.
Now, please show me your license and registration.
Yes, that brooch is vintage. It was my great grandmother's.

My stylist approved.
He's used to crazy though, he lives with me,
and he often is seen wearing his shoes on the wrong feet.
Everything that I am wearing here is between 100 and 3 years old.
In case you were wondering, and I know you are, the living room redesign is going very well. I blew some of my furniture budget on accessories (surprise!) but it is coming together nicely and we can make do with our Habitat for Humanity chairs for a while longer. I'll give you a few hints and show some pictures of the room later in the week.
How excited are you now? Can you stand it?

Peace, Love and Unicorns,


  1. your stylist is pretty darn cute!

  2. Love your boots! I have never been able to find/go out in public with boots like that. I have no calves so I end up look like a set of twigs sticking out of garbage cans. Yes, just like that.

  3. @Phoenix- your comment made me lol. Nice visual. I'm German, so I have the ample leg thing covered. I'm sure that someone makes boots for skinny people. I'll check into that for you! :)

  4. You're hot and you're funny. How is this fair? =)

  5. You're one to talk- Hotty McHotpants.